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Make your own book ledges and set up a children's library wall

Making up a set of book ledges is a quick and easy project that allows you to create a stunning library wall or reading nook in a child's bedroom.

Making your own book ledges is very easy and you can make your ledges any length you want. Keep the width of the shelf to 100mm or less, as anything larger than this will require more support.









  • You can use pine, MDF or plywood to make your book ledges. Have all the pieces cut to size at your local Builders and cut down on the time spent assembling the project.
  • The best method for joining the sections is to use a biscuit joiner or pockethole jig, but you can also use dowels, or even drill through the front and back sections and then fill in the holes with wood filler or pop on some screw caps.
  • If using pine or plywood you can stain in your choice of Woodoc Gel Stain and then apply a clear interior sealer, or select a pre-tinted interior sealer. Alternatively apply a suitable wood primer before painting with Prominent  Select Sheen or Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint. You will find plenty of tips and tricks in our Decorating section.
  • Run an electronic detector over the wall before drilling holes to ensure there are no electrical or plumbing conduits in close vicinity.
  • Drill holes through the back of the unit to mount onto a wall and secure using Fischer SX wall plugs and screws. We recommend Fischer wall plugs because they are nylon and not plastic and able to hold far more weight (safely) when installed correctly.



Although there are quite a few images shown here that display shelves of varying heights on a wall, it is recommended that you only mount at a height that a small child will not be able to climb.

Moms know from experience that young children have a habit of doing things there are not supposed to, and for your peace of mind and your child's safety, make sure that shelves are mounted at a good height from the floor and are well secured to the wall.

Ledge shelves allow books to be arranged along the length and be easily visible, adding to the room's overall decor. You can even use ledge shelves for displaying small toys and collectibles.