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Children's bedrooms... organised!

Children's bedrooms tend to look at though they have been hit by a hurricane and keeping them organised is not easy. Here are some quick and easy ways to keep a child's bedroom organised.


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Take Stock

As your child grows, so does his or her interest in certain toys. Take stock of what's in the room and sort out broken toys and toys that are no longer played with and sort these into separate piles. You can donate or give away unused toys - children's play groups in disadvantaged communities are always looking for toys for the children, or donate them to a local nursery or child care centre.

You want your child to take responsibility for keeping their bedroom neat and tidy, but if there is just too much 'stuff' in the room they will find it too difficult. Clean out and organise the room with plenty of storage options.

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Provide Storage

Use convenient storage in the room to contain clutter; shelves mounted on the wall take up no space and can be filled with books, while storage cupboards and cabinets offer plenty of space for toys and books. Keeping everything organised is a good way to start teaching your child how to keep their room tidy.

GOOD TO KNOW: For young children, use picture labels so they know where everything belongs!

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Be a Child

Remember when you were little and mom used to put things out of reach. It's important to get down to their level to see what they can and cannot reach. Place their favourite books and toys within reach and where they can easily access them, and also easily put them away to keep their room tidy.

It's also important that you place zones at an accessible height to make it easier for them to get into a habit; if your child can reach hangers in the closet they will soon learn to dress themselves. You can even consider removing the door from closets for easier access - you can always put these back on when you child is old enough to open doors on their own.


Dual-Purpose Furniture

Be on the lookout for furniture that also provides storage, like this Bookcase Bed from This type of furniture helps save on floor space, which is important in a small bedroom and a well-planned bedroom with space to move around is a healthy environment for kids. These guys also make custom storage furniture to order, so if you have a specific design in mind, ask them.

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Pull-out storage drawers are a great way to store toys that normally lie around on the floor. Click here for instructions on making mobile storage drawers.

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If possible, invest in storage furniture in neutral colours that will grow with your child well into their teenage years. The same applies to the bed; if there is space in the room for a 3/4 or double bed, this will save on buying another bed as your child grows. You can always start off with a sturdy foam mattress and upgrade to a coil mattress later on, and that will save you money to spend elsewhere.


Don't Underestimate a Bookshelf

Bookshelves are versatile pieces; from storing books and toys, to extra space for clothes, bookshelves are versatile storage pieces that serve many needs. You can corral clutter by adding baskets and boxes for smaller toys.

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Space to Study

No matter the age of your child, they need an area where they can sit and learn. For a younger child this can be a reading corner underneath a bookshelf, but an older child will need a desk and plenty of storage. A designated study space will corral school books and materials in one area that is easy to keep neat and tidy.

Adapted from article by wayfair.


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