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Galvanised pipe and fittings

For anyone interested in making their own galvanised pipe decor, I recently received details from a company that supplies galvanised flanges, fittings and pipes in Kempton Park.


It's fun to make your own furniture using galvanised pipes and fittings, and I have featured so many easy projects right here on Home-Dzine. However, it can be difficult to source many of the items mentioned in the projects, and that 's why I was glad to receive information on a company that supplies a wide selection of galvanised fittings, flanges and pipes.

Canvas Creatures, based in Kempton Park, have an extensive range of galvanised accessories and deliver around Gauteng. You can call Wayne: 082 455 7227 - - for more information or pricing.

Galvanised Pipe Wall Gallery





Galvanised Pipe Clothes Rack

Galvanised Pipe Curtain Rail

Galvanised pipe lighting rail