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Get your DIY Fix - Builders is Open!

If you have been itching to get stuck into all those DIY projects sitting around - select Builders stores are now open!


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If, like me, you have been twiddling your thumbs and thinking about all the DIY projects you could be doing in and around the home - twiddle no more! Select Builders stores around the country are now open and you can buy all the supplies you need to catch up while still at home.

For the past six weeks, I have been putting together articles on what you can do while at home during the lockdown. Most of the topics covered focus on planning and getting prepared for jobs that you can do around the home, while others have set down quite a few tasks that you can do without additional supplies. Now that all your careful planning and preparation is done, you can pop into Builders and buy what you need to get finished.







If you are still at home and not sure what to do with yourself until the level 4 lockdown eases, try one of these home makeover projects:







Give Rooms a New Look

Putting up a new window treatment can make all the difference in how a room looks and feels. And with winter almost here, this is an opportunity to swap out lightweight curtains for something a bit heavier to keep the winter chills at bay. Draughty windows are to blame for a lot of heat leaving the home and for winter chills and windows gaining access through glass windows. A thick set of curtains or a layered window treatment will help keep your home warm during winter. And since many will be spending more time at home due to Covid-19, a warm home is definitely something you want.


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Did you know that select Builders Warehouse stores have a Finishing Touches outlet inside? At Finishing Touches you can buy readymade window treatments, blinds, rods and finials, plus you can also measure up windows and have custom treatments made to fit.

If your curtain rails or rods are falling off the wall, or your curtains are full of holes, it's time to think about something new to finish off your room decorating.


Decorate a Blank Wall

Setting up a photo gallery wall will occupy quite a bit of your time. You need to decide what photos to hang on the wall, frame them up - either with homemade frames or bought frames - and then decide on the best layout. Once you have done that, use hammer-in picture hangers to start creating a photo wall that will fill up a blank wall and give a room an interesting and eye-catching feature.


ideal home | simon whitmore


Make up simple DIY picture frames using pine moulding or time (you will find plenty of inspiration and projects here) and mount and frame in a single colour if you want your photos to stand out.







Swap Out Summer Textiles for Winter Warmth

The days are cooling down and evenings can be quite chilly, which means it's time to get out your winter decor. It also means it's time to go around the house and fix any draughts around windows and doors to ensure you can keep your home warm without paying a fortune for your monthly electricity bill.


idea home | brent darby

Swap out your summer bedding with winter sheets, blankets and throws that can be used to layer your bed for added warmth when the nights get too cold. It also pays to replace lightweight curtains with heavier fabric or layered window treatment to keep out the chills - see more above.

While you're at it, don't forget to put down rugs or mats to keep your feet warm, especially if you have tiled floors. A few rugs in your living spaces will instantly make a room feel warmer.


Bring Plants Indoors for Winter

If you have a green thumb - or not - there are plenty of garden or outdoor tasks that need to be done now, such as bringing delicate plants indoors over the winter period. Some plants enjoy our hot summers but do not like the cold snaps that pop up during winter. These plants should be brought indoors before the chill hits and we thought it would be nice to get crafty and make a macramé plant hanger for these plants. That way you can hang them in front of a window so that they get plenty of natural light to keep them happy. 


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