Allow more natural light into a home

Skylights are one of the easiest ways to allow more natural light into a room or home


If you find that your home has dark areas that don't receive any natural light, there are various home improvement projects that you could consider to let in more natural light, or allow natural light into dark areas.

Skylights are one of the easiest ways to allow more natural light into a room or home, but these options aren't always cheap unless you consider a tube or bubble light. Click here for more information on solar tube skylights. You can buy glass bricks at certain Builders Warehouse stores, or check online for a supplier in your area.

Having installed skylights in a previous home to let more light into the kitchen, I was amazed at how much brighter the room became. The only downfall to the installation was keeping the skylight clean. In my case it wasn't easy to get up on the roof for regular cleaning and the skylight soon became coated with grime and bird droppings.

However, having said that, I still think that skylights are a wonderful way to light up a home. Perhaps one day they will invent self-cleaning skylights (with added wipers)!

Replacing small windows with larger windows is another option to consider for a dark space. Not only do larger windows allow in more light, they also visually enlarge a space and offer a connection between indoors and outdoors.

A glass ceiling covers this entire bathroom addition, allowing for plenty of natural light. In a setting like this, the situation of a room is important, as you don't want to let in too much natural light during the summer months and end up with a room that is too hot.

In a room that faces north-west, window tinting or solar film should be considered to filter out UV rays without loosing too much natural light into the space.

Cut off from windows, this passage between the bathroom and master bedroom is dark and dreary. As part of a home improvement project, the owners knocked down the wall between bathroom and bedroom and added a glass brick wall.