DIY skills every woman should know

We have entered a new age... where women don't have to rely on the man of the house - or their dad - to fix things in and around the house.



It's the 21st century, and women are more DIY savvy than ever - no longer having to rely on hubby to fix things. With lightweight, cordless Bosch power tools and a Builders store around the corner, women have everything they need at their carefully manicured fingertips - and don't need to break a nail to do it.



Here are some DIY skills that should be top of the list, or you can sign up for a DIY Divas workshop ( to empower yourself:



◊ Hang pictures

We have plenty of tips and tricks in our Art & Framing section, whether you need to hang pictures on a wall, or make your own picure frames. Unless you are hanging heavy pictures, in which case you may need to use a French Cleat, most pictures can be mounted onto the wall easily with hammer-on picture hangers.





Place the hanger firmly against the wall and gently tap with a hammer to allow the pins to break through without chipping the plaster finish. What's nice about this method of hanging is that, in a rental home you only need to fill holes with a little crack filler to cover up.



◊ Put up a shelf

Don't wait for hubby to put up that much-needed shelf that has been lying around for months, grab your drill / driver and mount it yourself. We explain how easy it is to drill a hole into brick walls, or through tiles, to mount a shelf, and you will find all the supplies that you need at your local Builders.

If you don't already have a Bosch PSB 10,8 Combi Drill, you definitely need to add this to your Wish List. Incredibly lightweight and powerful, the combi drill drills into walls with ease and is perfect for women who do it themselves!





◊ Fix loose doors and drawers

If you are still waiting for someone to fix that loose cabinet door, or if your drawer fronts are falling off, time to do it yourself. You only need a screwdriver, or Bosch PSR Select, some Alcolin QuikWood, and 10 minutes of your time to repair a couple of cabinet doors or drawers.





◊ Unclog a sink

Blocked sinks happen all the time in kitchens and bathrooms. Hair can build up in a drain and form a blockage in bathroom drains, and food and oil quickly clog a kitchen sink. You don't need to spend a fortune to call out a plumber if you have a few minutes to spare. Simply follow these instructions for cleaning blockages in a sink, drain or shower.





◊ Replace a tap washer

With water restrictions at Level 2 around the country, saving water has never been more important. A leaky tap is a wanton waste of our precious resources, and one that can be easily fixed in under 10 minutes, at a cost of less than R10. Visit your local Builders to purchase a new tap washer - take the old one with you if in any doubt as to the correct size. If you have a mixer tap with a cartridge filter, you may need to replace the entire tap.



If you haven't yet acquired a few basic DIY skills, join the DIY Divas at a venue close to you and discover how easy DIY can be!