What home electrical repairs can I do?

On Home-Dzine, and when hosting a DIY Divas Basic Electrical workshop, we receive lots of enquiries as to what a homeowner can and cannot do themselves. Here are some guidelines for what electrical repairs you can do at home.





It is important to know what home electrical work you can do on a DIY basis, and without having to call in a qualified Electrician. There are regulations in place the prohibit any homeowner from undertaking certain electrical installations and repairs in a home, and if you want to avoid any problems when you need to obtain an Electrical Compliance Certificate, you need to know what you can and cannot do.

First and foremost, any electrical work that changes or alters the original electrical installation of a home cannot be modified unless done so by a qualified Electrician. This includes:

  • - Wiring for extra plug points
  • - Installing additional light fittings
  • - Modify or alter a Distribution Board in any way
  • - Any modifications to wiring within walls



However, you can install a double-plug fitting to replace a single socket fitting, remove and replace existing light fittings, remove and replace a ceiling fan or install newer, more modern socket or light fitting covers - as long as you know and understand the proper procedure involved in doing so. Taking these tasks into consideration, essentially only cosmetic changes can be done by the homeowner.



Regulations were put in place to ensure our safety and it is important that you do not undertake any electrical work that may compromise the safety of your home - and your family.



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