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Replacing incandescent light with CFL light fitting

As and when budget allows I am systematically going from room to room and replacing my old incandescent lights with light fittings that use CFL globes. The most recent replacement was at the top of the stairs. I have previously tried the option of simply replacing the globe in the fitting but found the light too dim for this area, so I have replaced this with a CFL circular tube that provides plenty of light.


You can replace an existing light fitting as a do-it-yourself project, as long as you follow safety guidelines.

Residential properties are wired with RED [live], BLACK [neutral] and COPPER [earth] wires. If your home is not wired with this combination of wires, rather let a qualified electrician undertake the replacement.

The old light fitting was secured to the ceiling using a bracket, but the new CFL is much larger and didn't allow for fitting to the old bracket. In this case you need to make a plan to attach the new light.

Toggle clips are designed especially for this purpose. These clips fold up and expand, hooking onto the other side of ceiling boards to provide a secure way of mounting.

To make holes for the toggle clips, place the light fitting against the ceiling and use a pencil or screwdriver to mark the location of the holes in the light fitting. Remove the fitting and enlarge the hole using a screwdriver until the closed toggle clip will slip through.

Place the light fitting against the ceiling and insert the toggle clips through the mounting holes, securing tightly with a screwdriver.


When shopping for CFL light fittings and globes it is important to buy the right type of CFL lighting for the room.





Cool white
If you need to light up a space where activities take place, such as a home office, kitchen, laundry, or even as main lighting for a bathroom - cool white is a much brighter CFL that will effectively lighten up the space. In my case the light at the top of the stairs needed to not only light up the landing, but also provide light for the stairs.

Warm white
Warm whites are perfect for adding ambience or in rooms as a second light source. Use warm white CFLs for table lamps, wall sconces that are not the main light source, or decorative lights.

You will find a wide selection of CFL light fittings at your local Builders Warehouse.