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How to Cut IBR Sheet or Roofing with Ease

I am busy setting out raised beds for my home vegetable gardens and needed to cut IBR sheeting to fit onto gum poles - using the Malco Shears.




I am busy setting up raised beds for my home vegetable garden. Once I'm done I will be sharing this project with everyone, particularly those interesting in setting up a vegetable garden of their own - one that won't involve backbreaking labour to keep it maintained! One project is to add raised beds down one side of the garden using gum poles and IBR sheeting. The length of the IBR sheet is perfect but the width needed to be cut down to fit onto the gum poles.







I have tried various methods for cutting IBR sheeting before, including using an angle grinder and a Dremel DSM40. The angle grinder was a total miss for me. I'm not a huge fan of using an angle grinder and try to avoid using it whenever I can. I did try this first to cut the sheet to width but it took too long and went all over the place. The Dremel DSM20 was better at the job, but again it was difficult to cut a straight line.

My son has Malco Shears and he swears this is the easiest method for cutting IBR sheeting, so I let him at it!



Malco Shears are an attachment that can be fitted onto your drill - any drill. In this instance, I am using my Bosch 18V Combi Drill for the job. The shears have a cradle that fits over your drill and can be adjusted to fit most models. The cradle once tightened, ensures that the shears are firmly fitted and ready for use.

Malco Shears also has a head that can be adjusted and set at any angle, which is ideal if you are working on-site or have no place to set down the IBR for cutting. I left the IBR sheeting standing upright to cut to width.



First off, I was amazed at how easy it was to use the Malco Shears and how the shears quickly handled the task of cutting the IBR sheeting - without any effort whatsoever. Starting at one end, we followed the line on the IBR profile for a neat edge all the way along the 3.6 metre length.








Below is a close-up of the Malco Shears cutting through the IBR sheet. It took about 2 minutes tops to cut a 3.6 metre length of IBR.



The Malco Shears has a heavy-duty gearing and carbon steel blades that make quick work of cutting up to 18-gauge (1.22 mm) cutting capacity in mild steel. With a lateral blade adjustment capability, you achieve optimum cutting and manoeuverability.

These tools aren't cheap if you just want to cut a piece of IBR for a project, but if you cut IBR sheeting on a regular basis or for clients, Malco Shears is definitely a tool you will want to think about as an investment.








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