Corrugated sheet metal for indoors

Previously considered an inexpensive way to clad a roof, corrugated sheet metal is now popping up in designer homes - and not just as a roofing material. You will find corrugated sheet metal being used as a design element in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and more...




Corrugated sheet metal in bedrooms



Corrugated sheet metal in an affordable way to add a decorative touch to many areas in a home. And who says you can't use corrugated sheet metal in a bedroom. Use as wall cladding or to make an interesting headboard - if you like the industrial chic look!



Corrugated sheet metal in living spaces



Because it's lightweight and inexpensive, corrugated sheet metal can be used in many applications. As an alternative to dry walling, install wood framework and add corrugated sheet metal. It requires no painting and is virtually maintenance-free in a dry environment.



Create a unique accent wall with corrugated sheet metal fastened onto a framework. Simply measure up the area, cut sheet metal to size and screw on a frame for mounting onto the wall.



While corrugated sheet metal normally leans towards a more rustic look, there are design applications where corrugated sheet metal shines in a modern or contemporary home.



Corrugated sheet metal in kitchens



When fitted to kitchens or bathrooms (see below), corrugated sheet metal is best treated with Rust-Oleum Rust Inhibitor - unless you want the metal to rust.



Corrugated sheet metal in bathrooms



Create a rustic or industrial-style bathroom by adding corrugated sheet metal as wall cladding. It's an affordable alternative to tiling walls and, if treated with Rust-Oleum Rust Inhibitor, the metal won't rust.