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Easy makeover ideas

The difference really is, as they say, in the details - in this case, a few accessories.

This living room [above] already had a lot going for it: a rough-hewn coffee table, a versatile sofa and a gorgeous ceramic garden stool. But apply one shopping trip’s worth of acces-sories and this just-okay space turns remarkably elegant.

Homemade artwork and creative DIY lamps provide added personality, while a few textiles deliver real polish - resulting in an 'after' that exudes rich style without pulling too tightly on the purse strings.

A group of objects doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Who knew that candlesticks double as perfect pedestals, or that a birdcage can sing a different tune. Remove the base from a birdcage and outfit it with a basic lamp-cord kit and chain from the hardware store. Look beyond a vintage finish. Paint fixes a multitude of sins - like the bad veneer that originally topped this secondhand table.

Yes, you can create your own artwork! Print and cut out a design and tape the shape to a stretched canvas. Paint around it in the same colour as the wall, and complete the scene with white frames.

Cushion the blow to your bottom line by making your own cushion covers. All you need is a few pieces of cotton or linen fabric and some spray paint.

Practical rug seeks pretty mate. You can’t go wrong with neutral sisal. You can, however, make it more right by layering a patterned carpet on top. If you need to introduce some pattern into the space, consider adding detail to your rug.





Give dated or old furniture a facelift
This slipcovered seat got a facelift - fast - simply by adding a folded, lightweight cotton rug. The colour of the rug ties in nicely with the colours on the ceramic side table. In the background, a floral curtain. At this moment I am looking at ways to easily add designs to plain curtains, and will post information on this shortly.

Add personal style
Create a pleasing tabletop arrangement with items you already have, or finds that you discover. Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference.

The cheapest accessories are those you already know
Grab a bowl from the kitchen to display photos and postcards. Stack books to form risers that elevate eye-catching objects. And call upon a vintage planter to double as a handy, and handsome, remote control caddy.

Dress up a plain table lamp
You will find plenty of ideas and inspiration for making or updating a table lamp in our Lighting Section.

A visit to your local Builders Warehouse will provide you with some stylish options for changing a lamp shade - without spending a fortune. Take a look at our Recycled Lamp that is made using plastic bottles - and check out the shade that we bought from Builders Warehouse!

So don't think that you have to spend a fortune to give any room in your home a makeover. There are so many ways that you can save here and there and have money left over if you want to splurge on something special.