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Make any house a home

When you live in a rental home, chances are your rental agreement doesn't allow for any changes, not even a nail in the wall. Although you can overcome this with a little crackfiller when you leave, what else can you do to transform a rental property into a home?


White walls, bare minimum flooring and basics are normally what you find in a rental property, and although the first thing you want to do is paint, there are plenty of other ways to add colour without opening a tin of paint. Here are just a few inspiring images that show what you can do with a rental property to make it a home...

White is the perfect backdrop for decorating a rental home. It's clean and fresh and visually enlarges any space. Think blank canvas... white allows you to experiment with a wide variety of colours.

If you do plan to hang art on the walls, do it in a way that will not damage or leave gaping holes. Use a hilti hammer and hilti picture hangers and when you leave be sure to patch up any holes with interior crack filler and the landlord will never know!

Not all art has to be hung up... large pieces can look just as good when left unhung.





Although many think that white is not practical for a family with children - think again. Cotton slipcovers are the most practical way to cover up furniture, and can be popped into the washing machine to keep them clean.

If you find yourself stuck with ugly flooring or a threadbare carpet, use large rugs to conceal. Select a plain or patterned rugs that will enhance the style of your room and draw the eye away from patchy carpets and scratched floors.

At the end of the day there are so many ways to decorate against a white backdrop, so use this to your advantage. Add bright, colourful accessories in your fave colours to decorate and make a rented property a home.