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How to hang a picture

This post is by Dale in Joburg - on iDale - and is aptly named... How to hang frames like a real man! Thanks for this Dale, but you should know that women do this job just as well as real men!


Right, so I’ve started creating a picture frame collage on one of the walls in my pad and as you can imagine it’s required me to brush up on my handy man skills. So I figured I would share my knowledge with you in a little DIY post..

First up you’re going to need to stop past your hardware store and pick up some goods. Every home needs a HILTI – it’s going to guarantee that you don’t screw up your walls, bash your thumbs and also save you loads of time. So stock up on all the accessories and parts that go with it too.

I also got myself some of these little brass things with jagged edges as they help get the frames closer to the wall. They also eliminate the need for crappy strings which always mess with you and the placement of your frames.





So, I removed the strings from all the frames that had them and just attached the brass teeth in the centre at the top of each frame – there is a little room for error here, so don’t get all Vorsprung Durch Technik on yourself. Just get a small screw driver and away you go.

Next I measured where I wanted the frames on the wall and placed one of the HILTI nails into the HILTI unit…

Place the nail tip exactly where you want it to go in the wall and then push the HILTI firmly up against the wall. Now hammer away at the metal top and feel the nail go into the wall… bang bang bang! Next you need to screw one of the HILTI attachments (go back up to see those bad boys) on to the nail you’ve just hammered into the wall. Then the really simple last step… Less than an hour of work. Hang, line up and enjoy!


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