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Creative Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Lights and fixtures can make a huge difference and make your home’s interior stand out while providing the ideal mood you are looking for and we offer some creative lighting ideas to play with.






The right lights and fixtures can make a huge difference in a home. While it is possible to walk into a store and walk out with some light fixtures, they may end up looking bland because they look the same as other light fixtures. Additionally, how and where you install the lights and fixtures can make a huge difference and make your home’s interior stand out while providing the ideal mood you are looking for. Here are some creative lighting ideas to play with.





Use LED Strips Tastefully

When overused, LED strips can end up making your home look tacky. To have the LED illuminate a room and not end up looking tacky, install them so they run along the walls and illuminate the whole room evenly. You can do this easily by creating a recess along the length and width of the room and installing the LED strips in the recesses. This way, you can have uniform lighting and a tasteful installation while keeping the LED strips somewhat out of sight.





Add Layers of Light

Most homes have a uniform level of light. This means that the shadows in the room as well as the illumination on different walls and objects in the room look the same. You can play around with different light layers and shadows to create a combination of illumination and shadow levels.







The way you do this is by using light sources that are at different levels in the room. These add light and shadows at different levels so you have a layered look in the spaces these lights are used. In addition to having the light fixtures at different heights, you can also find different types of fixtures, preferably those that produce different types of light. These too can add different light and shadow layers to a space.





Add a Centrepiece

The use of a lighting centrepiece is not new, especially when you think about fixtures like chandeliers. This idea can be expanded upon, where, instead of using a chandelier or another traditional centrepiece, you use a modern pendant, industrial lamp or other types of lighting fixture. The fixture can also be functional where it can be used to light the seating areas as well as make any space you like the focal point of your family’s and guests’ attention.



To make things even more interesting, you can add a dimmer switch so the centrepiece provides different atmospheres and moods when you need them. When you decide to add a lighting fixture as a centrepiece, you can find the exact light fixture you need through companies like Elektra LTD who stock a wide range of innovative and beautiful electrical fixtures for the modern home.





Add Accent Lighting

The lighting in your home does not have to be functional only as it can be used as accent lighting. Accent lighting helps set the ambience of various spaces in your home through the use of focused light fixtures and light focal points. This type of lighting can be used to illuminate interesting parts of your home and blurring areas you do not need people to focus on. For example, accent lighting can be used to highlight a granite countertop, artwork, architectural structure or furniture.



Use String Lights Outdoors

If you want a starry night in your front or backyard and do not want to light some candles, string lights are a great alternative. String lights are easy to set up and can be used to provide the perfect ambience or atmosphere you are looking for. String lights can also be used in various hardscape features you have in your backyard such as a deck or outdoor kitchen to provide a soft ambience.







String lights are made for the outdoors and, because they are weatherproof, they are also more durable than other lights you might want to use in your front or backyard. An added advantage of adding string lights is that they can help you make use of your garden all year round and not just when the stars are out.



Whatever your home looks like, or however you add light fixtures to the home, light can make a huge difference in the home. There are lots of creative ways to incorporate various types of lighting fixtures in the home so you can create the exact look, feel, ambience and atmosphere you are going for.






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