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Plan a wedding that is affordable and memorable

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort, and this stressful time can turn out to be a nightmare for both bride- and groom-to-be. You've decided on the venue but how will you design and decorate the venue? Here are some ideas to alleviate some of the stress and make the decision more fun!

Wedding Cakes

While every bride and groom wants the ultimate wedding cake, not everyone can afford the expense of those elaborate wedding cakes that you see in magazines or television shows.

Cupcake towers are just one of the latest trends for weddings, and guests definitely love the idea of being able to have their cake and eat it!

There are so many gorgeous cupcake towers to consider, ranging from vintage cupcake designs to colourful arrangements. The advantage of choosing a cupcake tower is not only the cost, you get to choose your own favourite cakes!

Place Cards

When organising seating arrangements, the most simplest ideas can also be the most elegant. - and the most inexpensive. Crips, white serviettes wrapped in a velvet ribbon and dressed with engraved name tags ensure that guests are seated in the right place and dress a table with elegant style.

For ideas and inspiration visit If you don't decide to buy online you will still find plenty of unique ideas for place cards and table settings, like this recycled cork idea. Use china, cutlery, and glasses in order to create a stunning table decoration.

Another unique idea for place cards is to cut silver birch branches into small sections. Coil a piece of wire and insert this in to the top of the bases - this will hold the place card.

Wedding Favours

Small jars of sweets, candy, or homemade cookies are always a favourite at weddings. You can buy online if you don't have the time to make your own, and have customs labels printed for the jars.

If you're crafty or have artistic talent, why not create your own unique glassware, engraved with wedding details so that guests can take home a remembrance gift?

Ribbon-wrapped gift boxes of homemade or bought chocolate are perfect wedding favours. Co-ordinate the colours with your wedding theme.

Flowers and Centrepiece

From table settings, to centerpieces, floral arrangements to bridal bouquet, there are so many possibilities for creating your wedding fantasy. More and more brides are using silk flowers for their bridal bouquet and table arrangements. They cost far less than half than fresh flowers and you can treasure them as a keepsake!

No wedding is complete without floral arrangements on the tables. An easy and very affordable way to dress up your wedding tables is with silk flower arrangements.

Be creative! Design your own dream bouquet and table centrepieces with your own silk flower creations. Keep arrangements elegant and simple with similar flowers.


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