So many ways to recycle wood

Take a look around your neighbourhood to see who is having trees trimmed or felled and you'll be able to grab a tree stump or two, or some larger branches, to add unique wood decor accessories to your home.


Perfect for an outdoor table, tree stumps or large branches are easily cut to make unique and natural timber side tables. Cut them all to size, or have them at varying heights for an interesting display. Use an all-purpose saw to cut larger branches down to size, or apply some elbow grease and dig out the handsaw. A sander and 120-grit sandpaper will smooth down any rough edges.



To find a supplier of tree stumps in your area, use Google to search for "tree stumps for sale" or get in touch with a local tree feller to find out if they have any in stock.

If you're taking the step to be more natural and eco-friendly in the home, here's a great idea for making a pathway around your veggies or flower beds. Use an all-purpose saw or handsaw to cut a tree stump or large branches into 5cm thick slices and use these to decorate a walkway.

We've already shown you how you can make small coasters, but here's an idea for using thicker branches as decor accessories. Don't remove the bark - it adds texture to the finished look.

Another project that uses branches is these wooden Christmas tree decorations. You can create so many wonderful designs, and they will look absolutely gorgeous on any Christmas tree.