How to weave a paper basket

Discover the art of weaving paper baskets, from a basic weave basket for the beginner, to a faux wicker basket made from rolled paper that you can use for storage. Baskets are not only useful for storage, you can create your own wonderful decorative baskets with this basic technique.

For this first project you will be using cardstock to weave a decorative gift basket that can be used for special occasions, as a party favour, or for your home.


Cardstock - two colours - 30cm square
Cardboard box or block of wood* (about 10cm square)
Guillotine, paper cutter or craft knife and cutting mat
Blunt knife to score paper
Double-sided sellotape
Optional embellishments

*Note: As a beginner project you will be using a box of block of wood as a frame for the shape of your box, so choose a size that works best for you. Make one box as a starter project and then move up from there.




1. Use a ruler and blunt knife to score your piece of cardstock at 10cm and 20cm. Cut the sheet into 14 strips each 12cm wide. Each strip will have two equally spaced score marks to make forming the basket easier.

2. Using the above image as a guide, weave these 14 strips together in alternating directions.

3. Place the completed weave on the bottom of your box or block, lining up the score marks.

4. Using a second piece of cardstock, cut 12 strips of 12cm wide by 30cm long for the sides. Use double-sided sellotape to join the strips together so that you have a total of 6 long strips.

5. Place the box or block on its side and begin to weave, moving the box to the next side as you work around it. As you reach the end of each strip, use double-sided sellotape to secure the ends before moving on to the next row.

6. After weaving all the rows, cut two strips 12cm wide and 30cm long and glue these together. Use double-sided sellotape to secure the band around the top of your basket, trimming and securing the end to finish off.

7. Remove the box or block from the basket to add another 3cm wide strip to the inside of the basket. To finish off your new basket you can cut cardstock to add a handle, or use ribbon or wire, and embellish as desired.

More paper baskets to make

As you gain experience in the art of weaving paper baskets, think about how you can put your new talent to good use. These beautiful paper basket weave lampshades might look like a daunting task when you first start weaving, but as you master the technique of paper weaving you will realise that they aren't as difficult as you thought.

These cute brown paper bag baskets are perfect for dressing the table for a casual occasion or informal celebration. Make the basic as shown in our basic paper basket project above, but tuck the top ends over and secure to the inside of the basket. You can modify this basic brown paper bag design to add a handle and embellish with ribbon for a DIY wedding, holiday, or special occasion.