How to weave a brown or pattern paper basket

Pattern paper is lovely and soft and is lovely for using to make a weave basket. You can also use soft brown or white paper to make a pretty decorative weave basket. You can also substitute with colourful or patterned tissue paper.



Pattern or tissue paper
Sewing machine
Hot glue gun
Paperclips or small pegs




This instructions are very similar to that of the woven paper baskets shown here.

1. Start by folding the pattern or tissue paper over 4 times to add strength to the paper. Make long strips as long as possible, or join shorter strips together to make a longer strip. Use your sewing machine to do a running stitch down both sides.

2. Weave together two sets of four strips to create the base for the basket - see left. This is a basic over-under weave pattern.

3. After deciding how big to make your box, which is determined by the size of the base, apply a bead of hot glue to the strips that will form the outside edge of the base.

4. Using a new strip, bend each strip upwards and weave the strip through, working over and under around the bottom of the sides. Note: Bend at each corner. Have some paper clips handy to hold the sections in place as you move around.

5. When you reach the end of each row, tuck under, trim and secure with a bead of hot glue to close off the row.

6. Repeat the above for each row that you add, removing the paperclips from the previous row to hold the new row while you work. Secure the ends with a bead of hot glue.

7. At the top of the basket, fold down the remaining paper strips. Don't cut these off as they will add strength to the basket.

8. Weave the folded over strips onto the inside, tucking in over and under until out of sight. You can add a bead of hot glue to the end to secure.