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12 Easter crafts and ideas

Gather your craft supplies and get cracking on a selection of crafts and ideas for Easter celebrations. We show you different ways to decorate Easter eggs for a dining table, to decorate your home, or for a special celebration, plus more great craft ideas for you to try.

Make up a pretty display using painted eggs and branches collected from the garden. Paint your blown eggs in pastel shades and hot glue a strip of ribbon at the top to hang from branches. Autumn is the perfect time for finding small branches with autumn colours that provide the perfect backdrop for your painted eggs. 

You can also paint blown eggs with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in pastel shades such as sweat pea, strawflower, iris blue and heirloom white. Use puff or glass deco paint, or transluscent beads and ModPodge to embellish eggs.

Design your own range of Easter eggs using wrapping paper or washi tape and ModPodge. You can apply this technique onto blown eggs simply by cutting out scraps of wrapping paper and sticking this onto the eggs with ModPodge. Apply 2 to 3 coats of ModPodge over the surface once finished.

If you are planning a special celebration for Easter, why not add some glitz to your dining table with blown eggs wrapped with gold leaf. You will find size (glue) and dutch gold leaf at craft and hobby shops and it's so easy to do. Or spray blown eggs with Rust-Oleum Universal pure silver or 2X blosson white and add a decorative touch with puff or glass deco paint topped and tailed with strips of silk ribbon.

Some blown eggs, food colouring and elastic bands are all you need to create these trendy coloured eggs for your Easter table.

Using salt dough is an affordable and super easy way to add Easter decor to a home. Use an egg-shaped mould - or make your own using recycled aluminium cans - to cut out the shape, bake and paint. Leave a hole at the top for threading a ribbon and creating an Easter-inspired garland.

Make a yarn-wrapped egg wreath with blown eggs or empty kinderjoy plastic egg cases. Simply wrap pastel coloured yarn around the eggs and secure this onto a piece of circular cardboard or board.

Make a centrepiece filled with colourful patterened flowers or create a floral garland to hang in your home. Or cut out flower shapes and use cupcake liners to fill with sweet treats.

Mix up a batch of sugar cookies batter to make your own Easter bunny cookies. Make a bunny-shaped cookie cutter using recycled aluminium cans.

Make a basic sponge cake and cut into 5cm cubes. Dip the cubes thin icing and add a fondant decoration to the top. Let dry on wax paper before serving in small, colourful cupcaker liners.


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