How to blow out eggs

With Easter on the horizon, you will be on the lookout for Easter craft projects. One project that is always fun, is to decorate blown out eggs in different ways. For this project you need to blow out eggs and here's how to...


To clean out or blow out an egg hold the egg up and twist it back and forth a little while positioning a sharply pointed tool on the true centre at the top of the egg. A Dremel MultiTool with small engraving bit works perfectly for drilling small holes into the top and bottom of eggs.

The Dremel tool creates a perfectly round hole. It is my theory that having the hole be perfectly round helps the shell maintain its integrity - making it less susceptible to cracking later on. You need a hole in the top and bottom of the egg.



Poke a wire - this is an unfolded paper clip but you can also use a toothpick - inside to break the membrane around the yolk.

Blow! You don't have to get all the egg out in one breath. The membrane will probably get caught up in the hole and plug it. You can stop, tilt the egg sideways to clear the blockage, wipe the top hole with a paper towel and continue or... if the membrane is already coming out the bottom hole you may have to pinch it and pull it out by hand.

Once the shell is empty, run the empty egg under running water. Plug the bottom hole with your finger and run a tiny bead of water into the shell. Shake the water around for a bit to clean it out. Blow the water out and dry the shell with a paper towel. Dry the shells for a few days in an egg carton.