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Alternative & recycled Christmas

There are plenty of alternative and re-purposed options for Christmas trees, and many are truly exceptional. I personally feel that the traditional Christmas tree will remain with us for a long time to come. But for those who are looking at alternative, sustainable or recycled options for their Christmas decor, here are some great ideas to consider



How amazing that you can so easily transform a few branches into something so beautiful. Over at laloleblog this attractive Christmas tree is made from nothing more than a few branches and twine and then decorated with a few pom-poms and white lights.

Here's another Xmas Tree made entirely of fallen tree branches, resulting in a truly sustainable Christmas symbol.



By now I am sure that many of you have taken a look at our Christmas tree project that was inspired by Crafty Sisters. Here's another great idea based on the same principle. One Two Tree whose philosophy is based on creating their own tree using sustainable wood; . an eco-friendly, stylish alternative to the traditional Christmas tree that would last for years to come.


Giles Miller brings us the world’s largest cardboard Christmas tree! Standing at roughly 6 metres in the London Design Museum, the tree is comprised of no fewer than 3,600 individually-cut, hand made cardboard pieces.

These pieces can be arranged around a central shaft to give the branches that fluid, swirling motion so essential to the nature of a real Christmas tree. Smaller versions of these incredible creations, which Giles designed exclusively for the Design Museum, are on sale to the public.


The Cardboard Christmas Tree was designed and developed by Cloud Gate Design. Cloud Gate Design was started in 2006 by two friends, Nick Ng and Dan Greene, as a way to bring their environmentally conscious product alternatives to market. One product is the Cardboard Christmas Tree, made of recycled corrugated cardboard for both the tree and its packaging.

Designer Anne Paso started Lovi with the earth in mind. All materials in her products are sustainable and support local forestry and manufacturing in her native Finland. All products are easily stored flat for reuse, year after year. Slices of laser cut birch are re-imagined into sculptural, 3-D objects by way of a patented joint system. Each Lovi purchase supports a tree-planting program in developing countries. Since 2008 the program has gone to plant more than 3,000 trees.

Click here for more unique Christmas tree ideas.


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