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Unique ideas for a Christmas tree

What would Christmas be without a Christmas tree – it is the quintessential symbol of Christmas morning, and one that is loved by children and adults alike the world over. However, today Christmas trees needn’t be as traditional as they once were – there are tons of novel and innovative ideas that you can make yourself for a spectacular Christmas tree effect.


Some novel Christmas tree ideas:

A Christmas tree made from recycled materials
Think out of the box when it comes to using recycled materials for your Christmas tree. This translucent green tree is made up entirely of green bottles placed on tiers of varying sizes to create the shape of the tree. Wine bottles, beer bottles and the like can be cleaned and recycled into a wonderfully unique tree. Not a good idea for a house full of kids or pets!

Got some leftover wood lying around? This gorgeous rustic Christmas tree has been made from recycled timber planks that have been screwed together. If you can’t find old distressed wood, you can use new wooden planks that have been painted and distressed on purpose, or even painted in a solid colour or left in their raw natural form for a completely different look. It is a very simple to make, and it can be made to any size you desire.

The PossibiliTree is a simple and non-messy alternative to real Christmas trees. Tired of finding, hauling, displaying, watering and disposing of the bulky, needle-dropping, space-guzzling evergreen every Christmas, he designed wooden trees to use instead. The tabletop tree is the perfect size to highlight favourite holiday ornaments. It can be used throughout the year, too—decorated for such celebrations as graduations, birthdays, and other holidays. The possibilities are boundless.

A Christmas tree of sentiment
This is one of my favourite Christmas tree ideas of all time – it is made up of various odds and bobs that are either pretty aesthetically, of a Christmas theme, or merely items that mean something on a sentimental level. As the years progress, and you collect more and more items that hold some Christmas sentiment for you, so the tree will become bigger and bigger. It is really simple to make – simply form an outline of a tree shape on your wall of choice by sticking various items on the wall using Prestik.

Be sure to place a large star-shaped something at the apex of the tree shape. Once the left and right side of the tree has been formed, you can use all the other objects to fill the tree in.

A practical shelf
Who would have thought that small decorative shelves could look so beautiful as a wall-mounted Christmas tree! This charming idea is so easy to do and the shelves can be used in so many other ways after the holidays.

The wall tree of baubles
This unique Christmas tree is quick and easy to set up, makes a statement and it is great for rooms where space is at a premium. It comprises a triangular Christmas tree shape made from wire, with four horizontal pieces running along the width of the triangle equidistant from one another, running from the apex down to the bottom of the triangle. There is one hook hanging into the triangle from the apex of the triangular shape, and then hooks hanging along the horizontal pieces as well – two on the first piece, four on the second, five on the third, seven on the fourth and eight on the bottom of the triangle.

Brightly coloured glass balls have been hung from each of these hooks – you can use different coloured balls, or balls that are all the same colour. Finally, you will need to affix a star to the outside top apex of the triangle. This particular tree has been secured to a wall, and then framed with a silver frame to give it more of an impact.

Candle Christmas tree
If you own a Dremel VersaTip or VersaFlame you can easily craft this delicate wire Christmas tree. A pair of long-nose pliers are used to twist the ends of the wire into curly shapes and the 'branches' of the tree are soldered to the central support. Small holders are soldered onto the end of each 'branch' to hold tealight candles. Recycle the base of small tin cans to make the holders.

A tree made from pot plants
This is a very elegant and unique idea, but be warned that it requires a lot of space. You will need a round table, as well as three circular platforms – one that is slightly smaller than the table, a second that is smaller than the first, and a third that is smaller than the second.

Arrange these on the round table, with the largest at the bottom – you can use upside down pots to support each of these platforms, or you can use purpose made cross-shaped wooden divisions. Then, arrange pot plants of various shapes around the outside of each circular platform, with candles interspersed between the various potted plants. Place a larger pot on the highest platform – preferably a pot that offers extra height.

Of course – you can use pots of any colour or material, which are filled with any particular type of plants you chose. Here, only white pots, candleholders and candles have been used, for a more dramatic effect.


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