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Before and after teen boys bedroom makeover

Decorating a bedroom for a little boy is fun, but when they become teenagers it can be a tad more difficult. Amy at Amy's Casablanca transformed her sons bedroom in bold, bright colours, using bought and found items on the cheap and putting her decorating talents to use to add striped walls and funky accessories.


Before the decorating, the bedroom was plain and without any decoration. White walls, white blinds and white furniture and a light taupe carpet were screaming for a bit of colour, and Amy gladly splashed on bold stripes and filled the room with bright colours to create a colourful and modern bedroom for her son.

The first step in decorating the room was to add the stripes around the walls. This involved using rolls and rolls of masking tape to mark where the stripes would be painted. When painting stripes on walls you need to make sure that you use a good quality masking tape and not one that doesn't stick nicely onto the walls. Also make sure that the tape is pressed down firmly onto the surface.

A trick I like to use when painting stripes is to start in the middle of the stripe and only paint lightly over the taped edges. This ensures that most of the paint is in the middle and less likely to bleed under the masking tape. To ensure the stripes were straight Amy used a laser level. This method is far easier than trying to hold a level in place and trace lines with a pencil.


The desk that takes pride of place in front of the window is a secondhand bargain. The piece is sturdy and has a laminate finish which can be painted to give it a modern makeover. Painting laminate only requires that you lightly sand with 180-grit sandpaper to de-gloss the finish - and remove any scratches at the same time - before wiping clean to prepare for painting.

Rust-Oleum 2X ultra cover spray paint is perfect for painting laminate furniture, and they come in an amazing range of colours. Try satin midnight blue or gloss navy blue for the same look.

As a finishing touch Amy bought plain curtains and used a stencil and scarlet red acrylic paint to dress up (find tips on this here). The curtains hang on plumbing pipe rather than a traditional curtain rod with a couple end caps to finish it off. You will find tips for mounting curtain rails and rods here.


The accessories in the room are all crafty pieces that Amy and her son created. The 'guitar art' is made using some par pine planks painted gray and mounted as a backing for the guitar. The coat rack and table at the end of the bed are made using old skateboards. The wall collage are photographs modified and framed to create a feature on the blank wall.

The bicycle art above the bed is made using cheap bicycle wheels that were cleaned up and spray painted.  The graphics were printed off a computer and stuck between the spokes.


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