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10 Creative Ways to Prepare a Baby Nursery at Home

Below you can get ideas about how a safe nursery should be setup and the ways you can prepare one creatively.






A nursery is where your baby will spend most of its childhood in. It is a place where the baby will be changed, nursed, and will play. Preparing a good nursery in a creative way can be challenging.

However, keep reading below to get ideas about how a safe nursery should be and the ways you can prepare one creatively.


How Should a Nursery Be?

A nursery should be safe and inspiring for the baby at the same time. It should have enough space for the baby to play. There should be separate places for the caregiver to nurse and change the baby as well. Not having proper spaces for these activities will make you tired of taking care of the baby.

You should definitely have a separate space for your baby to sleep in. A crib or bassinet for small places is a good idea. You should make the crib as safe as possible. Make sure the mattress is breathable and is a tight fit in the crib.

You need to babyproof your entire house before the baby arrives. Put covers on the electric outlets. Don't let any loose wire or cords hang around in the house. Keep sharp objects and small items that can be swallowed on a top shelf or locked away so your baby can't reach them.

You should also keep toxic elements away in a locked shelf. Setting up a smoke detector is always a good idea.


Creative Ways to Make a Baby Nursery

Preparing your baby’s nursery is an important task but there is no reason why it has to be needlessly difficult. So follow the smart hacks listed below and create a comfortable, safe, and fun place for your child to grow up in!





1. Select a Theme and Color Palette

To decorate your baby's nursery, the first thing you should do is decide on a theme. The theme can be inspired by anything. It can be inspired by a vacation trip that you took or your favorite children's book. You can also plan a theme around a certain piece of furniture that holds a special meaning.

The color of a nursery should be pleasing to the eyes. It should be comfortable enough to soothe the minds of both the child and the caregiver.

Selecting soft shades of any color such as baby blue, light pink or pastel green should be a good idea. A wooden floor can make the room elegant and pleasing. Check out these wooden floors at EasyCraft for ideas.

The color of your nursery should not be too bright or electric in shades. It can cause unsettling feelings for both you and the baby.





2. Understand Your Floor Plan

The floor plan or area of your nursery will impact the way you design. If it is compact, then you should plan it more carefully than you would for a wider space. Decorating a compact space can be challenging. You should select the furniture carefully in this case.

Furniture such as the crib and the changing table should be small in size for a compact space. You can also use multipurpose pieces such as a crib with a dresser attached to it. Moreover, you can substitute the glider or changing table if you want. You can make the room appear larger with paint as well.

Wide areas need to be carefully planned and made secure. The open cable outlets should be covered. Make sure the blinds don’t have cords hanging out if you have windows.





3. Select Furniture

The essential furniture that is used in a nursery is a crib, a dresser to keep your baby's clothes, a changing table to change the diaper of the baby, and a glider or rocking chair for the mother to nurse the baby.

The crib should be of a proper size according to your room. It may be small if you don't have enough space. The changing table should not be too high since the baby can fall off easily if you don't pay attention for a second. Dresser can be substituted if you are tight on a budget.

You can add anything to the nursery that fits with your theme. You may add shelves for books, a toy chest, or racks to keep necessary items. You can also use vintage furniture or heirlooms in the nursery if you like.





4. Decide on a Budget

It is important to decide on a budget before building the nursery. It is easy to get carried away while buying the numerous things your baby may need. It is possible to not be able to fit everything in a budget if you don't plan it properly.

It is better to buy the key furniture pieces first that are absolutely necessary. Then buy sheets, a mattress that is breathable and allergen-proof is a good investment. Furthermore, you should buy some books and toys.

Additionally, you can buy wall hangings and also potted plants which will not endanger your kid in any way.

You don't have to invest in fancy furniture. You can use any family heirlooms or repurpose preloved furniture. Just make sure they are free of any toxic elements and are safe for the baby.





5. Go for Sustainability

It is important to instill sustainable elements while being creative in this age. Choosing sustainable options for decoration will be good for the environment. It will also teach your kid to grow up and value sustainability in their life.


A Few Creative Ideas That You Can Try

If you want to think a bit more out of the box, then the following creative ideas are definitely worth a shot:


1. Minimalist Theme

A minimalist theme requires minimal furnishings and decorations. A monochromatic color palette and furniture with slim designs are good for a minimalist theme.

Minimalist design will have less clutter and the slim furnishings will give a light and airy vibe. Your child will also have more space to play in a minimalist room.





2. Jungle Theme Nursery

Jungle or animal-themed nursery includes animal print carpets, pillows, animal motifs on the walls, and posters. You can include maps with locations of native animals on them for the wallpaper of the room.

You can also mount stuffed animal toy heads on walls for decoration. Green or light green colored walls would be perfect to paint the walls of an animal themed room.





3. Modern Nursery

To create a modern themed nursery, use a soft pastel-toned color on the walls. Statement pieces of decor and furniture will give the room a modern chic tone.

You can also opt for bold high contrasting colors such as black and white to add a modern touch to your nursery. You can add memorabilia as decors and wall murals to add a creative touch.





4. Geometric Shapes Inspired Nursery

You can incorporate geometric shapes and decors to add a creative flair to the nursery. It will look modern and the right position of the shapes will be very pleasing to the eyes.

You can incorporate geometric shapes by drawing a mural or hanging wall decorations.





5. Vintage Theme-Inspired Design

A vintage-themed nursery design can also have opportunities for creative add-ons.

You can use furniture with vintage designs, printed wallpapers, and curtains that match. You can opt for a soft or warm monochromatic color palette to change things up a little.





6. Monochrome Designs

Monochrome designs give a sophisticated and elegant vibe to your rooms. You can opt for different shades of a single color family to paint the walls and furniture. You can change up the color of the floor to add contrast. Adding metal decors will elevate the elegance of the room.

Monochromatic can look overwhelming if only one strong color dominates. Try to incorporate deeper and lighter shades of the same color.





7. Bright and Colorful Theme

If monochrome or soft colors are not your vibe, then you can opt for bright color themes. Deep green matched with other deep colorful shades will give a vibrant feel to the room without appearing too eclectic. You can also use colorful furniture that matches the color palette of the room.





8. Timeless Decor That Will Grow with Your Child

You can try to make a nursery that will remain timeless and appropriate for your child as they grow. You will need a bigger room for a nursery in this case.

You can use a more mature theme that will not clash with the tastes of a growing child. You can try printed wallpapers and furniture with a classic design that will not require to be changed frequently.





9. Modern Boho Style theme

A modern nursery room with large floral or plant prints on the wall can look pretty and creative. Add textured rugs, potted plants, and wooden furniture to complete the look. A boho look can look dramatic and can flair up your creative side.






Your baby’s nursery will be the room where you and your family will spend a lot of time together and make lots of memories in.
Make the room into a comfortable and fun place where you can play with the baby. You can definitely decorate an eye-catching nursery by following any of the themes given above.





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