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Trendy Bendy - Bendable sofa tray

Trendy Bendy is handmade from indigenous timber to create an environmentally conscious and trendy product with many practical applications in a home.


Designed as a sturdy, stable platform on your couch arm, the Trendy Bendy prevents spillage from toppling glasses, water residue marks from cold glasses with ice in them and stains from drinks like red wine.

The sturdy platform and attractive wood acts as protector and buffers your couch arms from the normal wear and tear they are subjected to.





The Trendy Bendy is not just a wooden sofa arm tray - it's so much more! Bend and shape into many forms and the Trendy Bendy becomes even more useful.

Fold the Trendy Bendy in half to create a sturdy laptop tray to provide a firm base. The wood absorbs the heat so your lap doesn’t and allows airflow from in-between the wooden slats. This shape also works well in bed when you need a base to rest your device on.

The Trendy Bendy lets you work without a balancing act. You can use the sturdy platform on a couch, a bed, or any surface.

The carefully selected woods used in the design ensure it stands the test of time in the kitchen against hot plates, while the waterproof vinyl backing makes it almost stain proof and very easy to clean. The high-quality wood is perfect for providing a base to absorb and hold hot plates, pans, pots and other kitchenware all whilst looking rather stylish!

30/04/2018 - The Trendy Bendy website has been discontinued.