NeverWet Outdoor Fabric spray

NeverWet Outdoor Fabric spray should be in stock at your local Builders soon. This weekend I got to try out the spray and I am definitely impressed with how it repels water. I used it on my outdoor cushions with amazing results. Would I recommend it... absolutely!





After spraying the cushions with Rust-Oleum NeverWet fabric spray according to the instructions, I waited for it to dry before pouring water over the cushions. Of course, you can't really see the water being poured onto the cushion, but you can see it running off at the bottom.



To make it easier for you to see exactly how it worked, I mixed up some guava juice and poured this onto the fabric. Now you can see how the water simply runs off and onto the floor. Any remaining droplets can be wiped off - leaving absolutely no wetness behind.










I repeated the process on my newly sprayed cushions and the result was the same. Water is repelled from the fabric and simply runs off. It really is mind blowing to see how it works. We have a DIY Divas workshop on Saturday and the ladies couldn't believe the demo that I did.



However, I must admit that one spray bottle doesn't go very far. I need a bottle per cushion (top, sides and bottom). I'm not yet sure what the retail price will be, so check this out when it finally hits the shelves. The only negative I found was that the spray bottle can't be re-used. The cap cannot be unscrewed, which is a waste.

Rust-Oleum NeverWet Outdoor Fabric spray is available at Builders stores countrywide. .