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Extreme protection from wet weather

Rust-Oleum have launched a revolutionary new surface protection - NeverWet. Available in a 2-step spray on product, the treatment causes water droplets to form on surfaces  including metal, wood, aluminium, concrete, canvas, most plastics and more.


When water and mud come into contact with a surface treated with NeverWet, the extreme contact angle causes the liquid to form beads, like marbles of water, which then glide off the surface, keeping the item clean and dry. It's actually quite amazing to see.

NeverWet dries to a flat, lightly frosted finish and is touch dry within 30 minutes of the final top coat. When used on fabric it does have a chalky feel, but for my outdoor seat cushions you don't really notice this.





NeverWet is formulated with UV inhibitors and the coating will not degrade from exposure to sunlight. Plus, it is suitable for use on a wide range of materials including metal, wood, aluminium, concrete, canvas, most plastics and more, both  indoors and outdoors.

Use NeverWet for:

• camping and sports equipment stays dry for quick pack-up and storage

• work boots and gloves stay clean and dry

• scooters and bikes can be protected from rust

• no more wet puddles in the house from dripping umbrellas

• gardening tools and gloves are easy to clean

• protect car wheels and paint finishes from corrosion

• keep 4WD wheel arches, trail bike fenders and mud flaps clean and dry.

While NeverWet is resistant to normal wear and tear, it needs to be reapplied when liquids no longer easily roll off a surface. Lightly scuff or sand the item to remove the residual treatment then re-apply the 2-spray system.