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Things To Consider When Buying Knitting Machines

To choose the right knitting matching for your needs, make sure to first and foremost define your goals.




If you love knitting and would want to finish your projects faster as well as produce more quality work, then you should consider getting a knitting machine. It’s crucial to note that not just any knitting machine will work for you. Many beginners go shopping for a knitting machine with the misconception that any device will suit their needs.

This is certainly not true as different machines are calibrated differently. This means that they’ll produce different size knots and will require different types of yarns. For instance, if you want to knit a giant blanket or throw, you may need a separate machine from the one you usually make a pair of warm socks with.

To choose the right knitting matching for your needs, make sure to first and foremost define your goals.

Also, note that if you’re versatile and you like to use different types of styles and knot sizes, then it’ll be challenging to find a knitting machine that’s capable of all the different styles. Therefore, you’ll need to make the all-important choice as to which size and style you want before you can go ahead and purchase a knitting machine.

That said, there are some significant benefits to having a knitting machine. For instance:

    • They work at a faster rate.

    • Some of them are quite affordable.

    • Produce high-quality work.

Read on below to consider the top factors to keep in mind when buying a knitting machine:



1. Consider The Type And Brand

There’s a knitting machine for every type and function that you’d prefer. Note that it’s hard to find a model that’s capable of multiple functions, so it’s crucial to know beforehand what you’re looking for.

There are different styles of knitting machines. However, most of them function in the same way. They feature a series of levers and switches. The main differences are where these are positioned.

Because of this, different knitting machines will produce different size knots as well as other styles of knitting. It’s important, therefore, to go with the machine that best suits your needs.

You should also read reviews and find out about the reliability of your choice knitting machine. Is it durable? Will it serve you for many years to come? These are just a few of the questions to answer before making a final choice.


2. Cost Of The Knitting Machine

Another factor that you need to keep in mind is the price. Though the best knitting machines are quite affordable, advanced or commercial knitting machines can be quite expensive.

Note that while you can go for a brand-new machine, you may decide to get a second-hand machine instead, when looking to save on costs. But, if you think that you’ll be using your machine a lot and for years to come, then investing in a brand new, reliable machine will probably be a better investment.



3. The Type Of Yarn

Coupled with choosing the right size knitting machine, you’ll also need to consider the type of yarn when searching for knitting machines. Different machines will work better with certain kinds of yarn than others. Therefore, consider your overall goals and what you’re trying to achieve as well as the type and size of yarn you intend to use.


4. Basic Or Advanced Models

When buying a knitting machine, you have the option between an advanced machine and a basic machine. If you’re versatile and plan to utilize different styles and knot sizes, then you’ll be better off with an advanced knitting machine. Keep in mind that these are quite expensive.

On the other hand, if you plan on doing basic specialized kitting, then you can find an affordable basic machine that’ll suit your everyday needs.


5. Choose The Ideal Patterning Method

Different knitting machines will be calibrated differently, meaning that they may feature all styles of patterning.

Depending on your individual goals, you can choose a patterning that best suits your needs when creating the desired product. Considering that most machines will only be capable of one type of pattern, this is a highly important factor to consider.



6. Type of Knitting Machine

There are three main types of knitting machines. These are:

    • The Flatbed knitting machine

    • The Ribber knitting machine

    • The Circular knitting machine

Flatbed knitting machines are the most common type of machine and produce flat pieces. The sides of the garments made using this type of machine will have seams. Also, this type of device can be either manual, computerized, or punch card.

The ribber type of kiting machine is similar to a flatbed but also comes with an extra accessory, which allows for ribbing. One of the main advantages of this type of machine is that it allows for stitching on the round.

This type of knitting machine produces garments that are tubular and is an excellent choice when looking to create things like socks. Note that this type of machine requires light-weight and small size yarn.

If you’ve always wanted to start a knitting project but didn’t know how to start, getting the best knitting machine for you to start with can help you kick start the projects and create some amazing garments.


7. Machine Gauge

The gauge refers to fineness size. To know the gauge of the knitting machine, count the number of needles over several inches, then taking the width and dividing the number of inches over the same number of inches.

Knitting machines can come in 4 different types of gauges. These are:

    • Fine gauge

    • Standard gauge

    • Mid gauge

    • Bulky gauge

    • Express

Determine the right size gauge for you before making the final choice on a knitting machine.


Final Thoughts

When out shopping for a knitting machine, the first thing to always keep in mind is your requirements. This will mean understanding the gauge as well as the type of knot that you’re looking to achieve. Having done this, always go for a knitting machine with the best value that you can afford. This ensures that you leave with a quality knitting machine that’ll last you a long time.




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