Knit a giant blanket or throw

Now that we've seen how to crochet a pouf with a large crochet hook, here's how to make a giant blanket or throw. I must admit I have had some difficulty in sourcing thick wool for this project, so you may have to do some searching before you start.

Giant knitting is the latest trend for home decor, and the bigger the knitting needles the better...! I have only been able to find extra large knitting needles and these aren't big enough for some of the projects shown here, but it's easy enough to make your own knitting needles with pine dowels and sanding down one end to a blunt point.



Many of the giant knitted designs using basic knitting stitches of knit one - pearl one, or knit two - pearl two, but there are designs that use a cable pattern. Since you are using giant knitting needles and 3- or 4-ply yarn or soft cotton rope, you can follow any knitting pattern you want to create a giant blanket or throw.

Click here to view video on You Tube for giant knitting.