New Woodoc Totim water-borne sealer

Woodoc Totim is a water-borne exterior sealer that is ideal for all exterior wooden surfaces exposed to severe weather conditions.


Totim water-borne exterior wood sealer is a water-borne tinted or clear exterior sealer that contains transparent iron oxides and UV-absorber to provide protection against weather and UV radiation. The product is available in clear, Mahogany or Teak. You can use Totim for all exterior woodwork, where a durable weatherproof finish is required.

Totim is easy to apply to decking, garage doors, windows and doors, patio furniture and gates. It offers deep penetration to nourish and protect wood, and is scratch-resistant and non-toxic when dry.





Added to Woodoc's growing water-borne range, Totim uses water rather than harmful solvents as a carrier. This means that clean up is quick and easy with soapy, warm water.


◊ Stir well with a flat paddle before and during application to ensure that contents are well mixed.

◊ Do not shake or dilute Totim.

◊ Apply Totim with good quality brush.

◊ Apply a first coat until surface remains evenly glossy for at least 10 minutes after application. If necessary, apply more product to dull/dry areas.

◊ Allow each coat to dry completely.

◊ Sand lightly with steel wool, removing dust with clean, dry cloth. Then wipe with mineral turpentine.

◊ Apply two more coats in the same way. Do not sand after third coat.

◊ Always apply a minimum of three coats.

◊ Treat end grain very well.

For more information on Totim products, or visit the website.