Are you wasting water?

South Africa is currently facing the worst drought since the 1980’s and with circumstances set to remain stagnant even if we do receive sufficient rainfall. Undoubtedly, we should all be practicing responsible citizenship however, this means ensuring that you always aim to save water where you can.


Despite the drought, the majority of South Africa will be able to use their hosepipes again this summer, as water restrictions have been lifted. We all know that hosepipes can be wasteful, and Garden Master have come up with some water-efficient ideas for South Africans to still enjoy a lush garden.

Here are a few tips on enjoying a lush garden - without wasting water:

Hosepipe care and leak prevention

Always inspect your hosepipe for holes before watering the garden. UV rays can break down the outer lining of a hosepipe, which lead to cracks and, water left in the hose heats up and expands, thus weakening the inner tube.





It is also important to note that, the longer a hose, the harder it is to move around and store, and the more likely you are to pull, twist and snag it. Garden Master has hosepipes available in 12mm x 20m, which is the perfect size for domestic use.

GOOD TO KNOW: When coiling up a garden hosepipe, use a Garden Master hose pipe reel. These come in portable form or can be mounted on the wall and will prevent the hosepipe from permanently developing a kink to the left or the right. Over time, kinks in the line eventually turn into holes – which often go unnoticed.

Reduce lawn area

Lawns consume up to 90% of water and most of the energy used in most gardens. Hence, it would make sense to reduce your lawn area as the easiest means to save water. Create garden beds or spread mulch – which retains water in soil or Garden Master’s 100% organic Lawn Dressing in areas used infrequently or where grass grows poorly.

 Choose the best time of day to water your lawn

When watering your lawn, keep an eye on the temperature and during very hot periods rather water your garden after sunset to prevent the sun rapidly absorbing the water.

Select your plants carefully

Select plants that suit the soil and garden conditions. Careful plant selection can make an interesting and attractive low water-use garden. Explore your neighbourhood to discover what appears to grow well in your area. Take note of street trees, which are rarely watered or maintained. Builders Warehouse has a great selection of low maintenance Fresh Herbs arriving this spring.

So there you have it – it is probably the safest bet to buy a new hosepipe and care for it to ensure you don’t waste any water. A drought just means careful product selection.

All Garden Master products come standard with a 12-month warranty and spare parts are available from the Garden Master service centre 0861 464636.


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