Renovations - When to hire a professional

When it comes to home improvements or renovations it's good to know when you should hire a professional to do the job, in order to ensure your investment retains its value.



When buying a home, especially an older home that may need some work done to it, it's in your best interest to assess what needs to be done before you buy. This is to ensure that the property isn’t overvalued, and that any improvements or renovations won’t end up costing more than the assets are worth.

If you are selling your house privately, and planning to do repairs and renovations to improve the property to ensure a speedy sale, do some research beforehand on properties in the neighbourhood. This will allow you to set a reasonable budget and avoid overspending or overvaluing the property and possibly losing money on any improvements.


While there are quite a few home improvement and renovation projects you can DIY, there are many projects that should be left to the professionals. This includes electrical and plumbing alterations, repairs to roofing, and any additions or alterations that require plans or municipal approval. In the case of electrical or plumbing work, government regulations require that the majority of work done to a property be performed by a qualified electrician or plumber, to ensure the safety of your family and your home. For a more comprehensive list of projects that should be left to the professionals, take a look at Don’t DIY: 7 jobs you should leave to the professionals. Private Property asked us to add a few reasons you should hire a professional; here are our suggestions below.


Know Your Limitations

There are plenty of home improvement sites on the internet that would have us think that projects are easy, but don't be fooled. Unless you know your limitations and have the necessary skills to perform a specific project, hire a reputable contractor to undertake improvements and renovations.


Stay Within Budget

It's so easy to overspend on a home improvement project, especially if you do it yourself. The average homeowner might be able to provide a reasonable guess as to what it might cost to undertake renovations and improvements, but when you're doing a job yourself it's easy to go over budget. Hiring a professional means that you sign a contract for the work to be done, and while this is not set in stone, it will allow you to keep a tight rein on spending.


Get Work Approved

It's a fact that many DIY home improvements do not have planning permission or are not approved. This could result in severe penalties being imposed, or having to undo the work done. Hiring a professional to do the job ensures that permissions are granted, plans are approved and the work is done in accordance with guidelines and regulations.


Have Guarantees In Place

When you do the work yourself there is no guarantee on the job done, and this could prove to be a costly exercise if you don't know what you are doing. When hiring a professional you can confirm that a guarantee is in place and what that guarantee covers.

While we all want to save money where we can, some improvements require expert attention. The best way to save money is to know what you can and cannot do, and employ a professional to do the jobs that you cannot do, the right way the first time.



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