3 Ideas to Turn Your Home DIY Project Passion Into Profits

If you have a talent in DIY projects, consider showcasing your talents by creating an online boutique.


They say you either have it or you don’t. That statement can be said for a lot of things, whether it be the gift of singing or an eye for fashion. “Having it” is something you have within your being. It’s not something that can be learned… it can be improved upon with lessons in technique, but ultimately, if you don’t have “it,” “it” can’t be taught.

Having that “it” factor is truly a gift, whatever your gift may be, and people profit off of it all the time. Maybe you have a knack for doing hair… why not open your own beauty shop? If you have a talent for taking obsolete things and turning them into functional beautiful pieces, you can profit off of that as well. That particular talent is called DIY (do-it-yourself).

The trade of DIY has been around for quite some time. How do you think furniture businesses and other businesses came to be? They came to be because someone had a particular talent and decided to share their talent with the world, especially in the world of interior design, and giving customers what they want is a driving factor to the success of all business.

Your talent might be flower arranging or wood crafting, whatever your talent may be, you can make a profit from it because people are always looking for custom-made items that no one else has, plus people are willing to pay for good quality items that are unique and don’t look like they came from a furniture store.

If you have a talent in DIY projects, consider showcasing your talents by creating an online boutique. Through your website, you will be able to showcase all your products, customize the products per your customer's request, and because you know the value of your work, you can establish your own prices.

If you are indeed a genius in the world of home DIY projects, you should seriously look into starting your own business in this area. Check out these 7 ideas to turn your DIY project passion into a profit.

One-of-a-Kind Home Accents

One of the big selling points in sales is uniqueness… that particular something that sets you apart from the rest. If you’re wanting to make a profit from your online boutique, you definitely need to incorporate some custom-made items.

How many times have you been to someone’s house and seen furniture there that you’ve actually seen in a furniture store you’ve visited? We all have. You don’t want to sell items that blend in with the rest of the furniture stores. It will make your customer think “why should I order online from this person when I can just go and pick it up from the store right up the road?”

If you’re a master in woodworking or metals, then creating one-of-a-kind picture frames would be a big seller in your online boutique. People are always looking for creative and unique ways to showcase their families and most memorable moments… your vivid imagination and talents can give visitors to your website exactly what they’re looking for.

For your women customers, they might enjoy frames with more of a feminine touch to them. Frames that have curved corners versus clean lines… it just depends on your customer, and it’s very important to communicate with your customer to find out that information.

For male customers, they might enjoy something more appealing in textures like leather. Creating a faux leather picture frame would definitely appeal to the masculinity and ruggedness of the male demographic, and it’s definitely not something you frequently see in furniture stores.

Personalized Home Decor

Personalization has become one of the big money makers in the world of E-commerce. From wine glasses to blankets, there is a fascination with letting other people know that this is your home when they walk into your home!

Personalized decor make great gifts too! Lots of people utilize online shopping to show their friends and family just how much they care with personalization. These types of gifts are perfect for baby showers (new parents love to have their baby laid on blankets with their little names on it), birthdays, weddings, and different holidays… Valentine’s Day is a big one!

If you know how to sew or knit, you have a world of financial opportunities in the home decor world. You have the options to make custom-made blankets and pillows. If you have a steady hand, you can paint canvas art with names on it or inspirational thoughts. Even better, if you are talented with wood carving, you can chisel your way to financial success with customized cutting boards and wine bottle balancers.

Statement Piece Furniture

A statement piece in your home is a piece of furniture that stands out from the rest of your furniture. This particular piece of furniture tends to be a topic of discussion among visitors to your home.

Depending on your talent, you can take this in all kinds of directions. A signature piece will essentially have a little bit of the first two ideas incorporated into this third idea, so that means in order for your signature piece to be a topic of discussion, it will need to have a little personalization mixed with customization… this piece can even tell a story, it again depends on what your customer wants.

Signature pieces are usually your big pieces of furniture like sofas, chairs, and kitchen tables, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. If you are gifted in making big furniture pieces such as that, then go for it! But if you choose to take a smaller scaled approach, then you can still profit from that too.

Smaller unique items to liven up your home include items such as floating shelves to make your walls stand out, candle holders to add personality to any coffee table, end table, or mantle, and refurbished lamps that showcase your rooms in a different light!

The passion you have for your DIY projects can certainly bring in the big bucks with effective promoting tactics. So don’t just sit on your talents… put it on a larger platform. Remember, you either have “it” or you don’t, and if you do have “it,” put “it” to work for you! 



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