Make your own faux leather picture frames

Here's how to apply a faux finish that looks like old leather to give a cheap homemade picture frame a rustic and antique effect. For even more effect, we added pine moulding to the inside and outside edges.





To start off, paint the picture frame with a deep brown basecoat that matches the final colour that you want for your frame. You can use a paintbrush or foam roller to apply the basecoat, since the final effect isn't a smooth finish.

Apply gauze cloths (the ones you can buy at any pharmacy for dressing wounds) - or cheesecloth - over the frame; pull and bunch it to create visual interest. Now you are ready to apply an even coat of interior crack filler over the top with a paint scraper. Don't make the mixture too thick - just thick enough to hold it's shape.

Before the filler has time to dry carefully peel off the gauze - starting at one end - to reveal the interesting texture that it leaves behind.

Use a paintbrush to dab on a tan and deep brown over the textured surface of the frame. You don't want to completely mix the two colours together, but they should be nicely blended at the edges.

Spray the pine moulding with Rust-Oleum Universal in Aged Copper or Oil-Rubbed Bronze before using No More Nails adhesive to glue on the outer accent strips.