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Deep Clean Your Kitchen: A Step By Step Guide

There are many ways to keep your kitchen clean but deep cleaning this room is something that should be done regularly.





There are many ways to keep your home clean but deep cleaning is something that should be done regularly. Maintaining a good standard of hygiene is important for your family, and your mental health. Everyone is guilty of having a junk cupboard, or drawer. The kitchen is the one place in your home that should be kept as clean as you can get it.

A kitchen is a place where lots of people seem to gather, especially if you have a table to entertain your friends. They will sit and have a mug of coffee or maybe a glass of wine, children often use the kitchen as their second room. It can have a constant supply of traffic, and people do spend a lot of time using the kitchen. It is where the shopping gets unloaded, the plates and cups get washed, and the dirty washing may even get washed in there if you do not have a utility room to use.

So essentially your kitchen will probably have lots of germs coming through there. Keeping on top of your kitchen cleanliness is simple with the right equipment and a good list to get you started it will take you no time at all. You will also not need a huge list of equipment, basic things like bleach, mops, broom, and you will also probably need to use a microfiber cloth.


What you will need

Getting all your cleaning products ready beforehand will ensure you have everything that's needed, there is nothing worse than getting halfway through a job only to discover you don't have what you need. Write yourself a list:


  • Bin bags
  • Bleach
  • Multipurpose spray
  • Oven cleaner
  • Polish
  • Stainless steel cleaner (if you have stainless steel in your home)
  • Broom
  • A good mop
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Dishcloth
  • Old newspaper
  • Bucket
  • Washing up liquid
  • Lemon or lime
  • Onion


The very first thing you will need to do is tidy all normal daily mess that is already in there. Clear the sink of everything, this is so you have access to clean water. Remove everything that does not belong in the kitchen, all the personal possessions that belong to other people in the household. Getting rid of all the junk that makes its way into your kitchen will give you more room to clean what is needed.

The next thing to do is to work out what can be done while you are busy doing other things. For instance, the oven shelves, windows, and paintwork can be sprayed with cleaner; these can soak while you are doing other jobs. Remove microwave plates, washing powder drawers place them in hot soapy water in a bucket, this will remove excess products that are stubborn.



The best way to clean cupboards

Empty the contents of all the cupboards, to this by either starting on one side and working your way around, or by working from top to bottom. Once these are empty, wipe them with a dry cloth removing any bits, crumbs, or spilled food, then give them a good spray with a good multipurpose cleaner. Close the doors and let it get to work. Next, take all the items from the cupboards, check dates and wipe them over removing any sauce that may have dripped down the edges.

Place any out-of-date items in the trash, if anything is in a glass jar get rid of what is in them, and save and recycle the jars to help organize the rest of your food products. Look at the food that you are not going to eat and place them in a bag and  donate to a food bank, or homeless shelter. Any unwanted cups, plates, or kitchen equipment that is not used and donate that too.

When all the items are washed and dried, place them next to the cupboard they need to go in. When organizing this, think about what you use the most, least, even things for cooking. By doing this you can place them next to where they can be accessed the quickest.


Get your fridge and freezer in good order

Empty the fridge and clean in the same way as the cupboards, when you spray the fridge, cut an onion in half and place this into the fridge. This will pull all the toxins out of it. However, when placing the cut onion in the fridge will leave your fridge smelling of onions no matter how much spray you use.

To get rid of the smell from your fridge, simply cut some lemons or limes in half place them in a small bowl. Once your fridge is washed and rinsed, add the bowl of cut fruit into your fridge and leave it for a few hours or overnight. Remove this when the onion smell has gone. Lemons and limes are good for your health and your home!

Emptying your freezer will have the same principle but make one drawer exclusively for odd bits of leftovers, maybe the last few french fries, or the last two fish fingers in a bag. This compartment can be the go to when you are having a quick dinner day or one member of the family is out. This will save on wasted food. Remember to clean the seals of the fridge and freezer, these hold germs.



Starting at the top and work downwards

After cleaning everything at the highest level, tops of cupboards and all paintwork work your way down to the floor level, once getting to any glass or windows give these a good clean with glass cleaner, to remove any streaks take several pieces of crumpled newspaper and in the inside clean in one direction going in a downwards motion, on the opposite side go in a side to side motion this will when finished show you if you have any marks left and which side of the glass they are on.

Your floor will be the last thing that needs to be done. Remove all furniture either by taking it out of the room or by placing all chairs on a higher service if you are doing this, however, make sure you have cleaned the chairs thoroughly or it will just transfer any germs and dirt from the floor to the clean space you are placing them on.

Sweep and mop your floor from the furthest wall corner out of the door this will make sure you do not walk back over what you have cleaned. When mopping your floor always start with a bleached, clean mop. Unless you do you will be cleaning the floor with dirty water because once you place a dirty mop into hot soapy water it will immediately make the water dirty!




Although this may seem like a mammoth task it will not take as long as it seems if done in the correct order in the least time wasting way possible. Getting some of the jobs soaking and the cleaners working before they need to be done will cut your waiting time in half. Getting on with other things is important, don't sit around wasting your time, or the task will seem never ending.

By writing a list and checking the jobs as you go it will make sure you don't forget anything, and checking them off will make sure they are not done twice. Things like washing powder drawers and inside seals of fridges, freezers, and drawers are just as important as the outside of these appliances.

These jobs won't seem as boring if you have some music playing in the background, have a little sing along while getting this done will pass the time away. Making sure the house is empty so you do not get interrupted is better and will ensure that no one is wandering in and out of the kitchen.





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