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Plywood kitchen designs

Plywood is harvested from sustainable forests and is an eco-friendly and reasonably affordable way to DIY your kitchen.


If you're looking to re-design your kitchen on a budget, don't forget to consider plywood. This eco-friendly material is available locally and works out a lot cheaper than having a kitchen installed. Take a look at some modern kitchen designed using plywood and then do your research to source local suppliers.

Here in South Africa there are suppliers of veneered plywood finished with a variety of exotic woods including beech and maple. But don't expect to find this product at your local Builders or Timbercity - search online for veneered plywood in your region and then call to ascertain what they offer. Also ask if they have a cutting service so that you don't have to cut your own plywood to size.

If you would prefer not to stain a plywood kitchen, but also don't want a glossy finish, add protection with Rust-Oleum Ultimate Polyurethane with natural matt finish. This product will protect kitchen cabinets without changing the colour or yellowing over time. Rust-Oleum Ultimate Polyurethane matte allows you to retain the natural beauty of plywood and still have adequate protection for a kitchen.

There are suppliers that offer a plywood with a coloured face that allows you to incorporate colours in a plywood kitchen. UniversalPly are just one of the local suppliers that you can get in touch with.



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