How to Decide Between a Carport or Garage

The choice between a carport or garage is determined by several factors and below are some tips to make the decision easier.






There are plenty of ways to improve both the inside and outside of a home but one that needs some careful consideration is the choice between a carport or a full-on garage. Both take up the same amount of land but that is really all they have in common. If you currently park your car outside or on the pavement, either option would serve you well but there are benefits and disadvantages for both a carport and garage. To help you to make a decision, read through the pros and cons below to choose which option would best meet your needs - and your budget.




From an aesthetics point of view and to add curb appeal, design a carport with a garage-front to complement the design of the house.




1. Speed of Installation

The most obvious difference between erecting a carport or having a garage built is the speed in which it can be done. It only takes a day or so to erect a steel-frame carport with very little mess and almost no inconvenience to the homeowners. There are also plenty of different designs to choose from as far as details are concerned. You can have a shade net carport that only takes a few hours to install, or you can have an IBR roof that is more durable and longer-lasting.





A carport is the ideal solution if you are only looking to protect your motor vehicle from falling leaves, fading in the sun, or protection from hail damage.







2. Extra Space for Storage and Workshop

While you can also incorporate extra space into a carport, it is not a safe solution if you need permanent, safe storage or a place to set up a permanent workshop. Carports are mainly designed to protect a motor vehicle from the elements whereas a built garage provides space for storage on the walls and even the ceiling and you can easily accommodate storage, hanging space for tools, home accessories, or bicycles and fold-up benches for your workshop to keep it separate from the home. There are also plenty of ways that you can increase your garage’s storage space if you want to maximise the benefits.





3. A Money-Wise Investment

A carport is a selling point that works in your favour should you decide to sell your property, but it comes nowhere near that in adding value that a built garage does. For a long-term investment, a garage will far exceed that of a carport, particularly when fitted with automatic doors and possibly kitted out with practical storage.





By adding only a small amount of floor space, you can have a garage that serves as storage for motor vehicles and perhaps also provide an area for a laundry or home gym.




4. A Multi-Purpose Garage

Both a carport and garage take up about the same amount of space buy if you have more available for the building, you can use this to not only have a garage built but also design the space for uses other than just a safe parking place for your motor vehicle. You won't need that much more space to incorporate a home gym into the garage or perhaps you need a laundry room that is separate from the house. Or what a about garden tool storage? There are multiple uses for a garage that you need to think about when you design the space.








5. Curb Appeal and Safety Aspect

With our high crime rate, the safety and security of our personal assets is always a concern. Yes, a security gate and home security does provide a layer of protection, but a garage provides the ultimate solution for a motor vehicle or two. When protecting your property, it is all about adding layers of security and including the garage on your home security will ensure that this area is just as protected as the house.


From an aesthetics point of view, adding a garage to the profile of a home gives a finished look that can enhance curb appeal and even through a carport can look good, it doesn't quite offer the same amount of curb appeal, especially when you consider that a built garage can be designed to reflect the style of the house.





The Bottom Line

Both a carport and garage have their advantages and disadvantages and you need to determine the cost, time, and benefits of both as concerns your particular needs. Whatever option you select needs to be the most beneficial for you and your situation.









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