The Pros and Cons of Aluminium Windows

If you’re thinking about getting aluminium windows, it’s best to delve deeper and find out its pros and cons.





With advancements in the construction industry, gone are the days when the choices for windows were quite limited. Today, there are so many different options—each with its respective strengths and weaknesses. Your house design matters, too. That way, your windows stay coherent according to your preferred home design.

Among the many different kinds of windows, aluminium windows remain a well-loved choice. Many residential and commercial buildings choose to have aluminium windows. Aesthetically, they look modern and sophisticated. On top of that, it’s also quite durable and long-lasting.

If you’re thinking about getting aluminium windows, it’s best to delve deeper and find out its pros and cons. This article gives you a brief run-down below.


The Pros

To start with, these are the advantages of using aluminium windows.


1. It’s Durable

One of the top reasons why aluminium windows are popular has to do with their durability. Surely, when you’re building a structure, you’ll want its features to last long and withstand harsh weather and other elements. It’s costly and a pain in the neck to have to fix or upgrade to new features every now and then, making it not worth it to settle with materials that are of low quality.

This is where aluminium windows have an edge. They’re highly resistant to outside elements, making them a durable choice. They also boast of strong anti-corrosive and anti-rust capabilities. In other words, they can retain their strength and quality despite exposure to heat and rain.


2. It’s Affordable

If you’re running low on budget, you’ll be glad to know that aluminium windows are quite affordable than their counterparts like wood. Whether you need windows for your residential home or for your commercial building, aluminium windows are a relatively cheaper option. The reason for this is that aluminium is quite easy to manufacture and the materials themselves are also less expensive.


3. It’s Available In Many Different Colors

If you’re more of a neutral and monochromatic kind of person, then this advantage may not matter so much to you. But if you’re more adventurous and you want to have more colorful and vibrant options, aluminium windows are a great choice. They come in a wide range of colors, both with glossy and matte finishes. This makes them really versatile in any home design, theme, or aesthetic.


4. It’s Environmentally Friendly

If you can use environmentally friendly materials for your home, then why not opt for that choice. With that said, aluminium windows would be a great choice. Most aluminium replacement windows can be made out of recycled materials. And if your aluminium windows have reached their maximum life span, the material can still be reused.


5. It’s Easy To Mold

Another advantage of using aluminium windows is the fact that it’s easy to mold to any shape. Generally, standard windows are either square or rectangular. But, depending on your home’s design, you may have circular or curved windows. If this is the case, aluminium windows are your best bet. You can easily mold it to create your desired window frame shape or style.


6. It’s Easy To Maintain

Every homeowner has to set aside time and money just to keep a home and its fixtures clean and in good condition. Fortunately, aluminium windows are easy to maintain. You don’t even need any special cleaner to give it a good clean. Good old soap and water will do. Because it’s so simple, cleaning your aluminium windows is a task you can delegate to anyone—even your young kids.



The Cons

On the other end, these are some of the cons of using aluminium windows.


1. It May Not Be As Aesthetically Pleasing As Other Types

This first disadvantage here isn’t a universal disadvantage. Rather, you also have to factor in your personal preference, style, and taste. There are many homeowners or building owners who prefer wooden windows for their style and elegance. Many would opine that aluminium windows can’t rival the aesthetics that wooden windows can bring. Since wood can be more refined to have a natural look, aluminium may look inferior.


2. It May Not Work Well In Colder Climates

If you live in a four-seasoned country where the winter months can get unforgivingly cold, aluminium windows may not be the best choice. Aluminium is a very good thermal conductor. This means heat can easily be lost through its frame.

Windows are supposed to provide a layer of protection and insulation from colder temperatures. If this isn’t achieved, then your home might need to ramp up on electrical heating to keep the cold at bay. Since aluminium windows cannot provide enough insulation during winter, you can expect to get higher energy bills during the season.



The list of pros and cons above should be helpful enough now for you to zero in on the best window type for you. Apart from weighing all of those together, you must also consider your personal preference. The disadvantages aren’t meant to push you away from opting for aluminium windows. Rather, they should simply help you make an informed decision. For as long as the pros still outweigh the cons, then aluminium windows will always wind up to be a better choice.





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