Benefits of Using Refurbished Wood For A Sustainable Home

In recent times, the world has seen a decline in the number of trees and with this came the decision to refurbish, or re-use wood, rather than buying new.


Almost every industry across the globe has gone to more sustainable means of manufacturing, building, and creating products. The construction and design sector is no exception.

In the process of creating homes, many years back, wood was very much in demand. It wasn't a problem then, as there was yet an abundance of wood sources – trees. However, in recent times, the world has seen a decline in the number of trees. With this came the decision to refurbish, or re-use wood, rather than buying new ones.

Using refurbished wood has several benefits to boast of, some of which include:

1. It Looks Aesthetically Great

If you think that new lumber looks great, try and take a look at old, refurbished or reclaimed wood. Your wow factor will increase significantly. There’s so much beauty in the way that wood ages.

If you live around your neighborhood with century-old houses or buildings that have preserved, you’ll see that over the years, the aesthetic value of the wood used keeps getting better. Reclaimed lumber has that sense of refinement that took many years to achieve, in comparison with freshly cut and over-processed lumber in today's time.

Here are other aspects of wood that help enhance its natural beauty:

● Aging
● Weathering
● Nail and bolt holes

With a little polishing here and there, or wood staining, your refurbished wood will have that aged look to it, and a whole lot aesthetically better, too.

2. It Helps The Environment

Sustainability: yes, refurbished wood helps you achieved that. It’s common knowledge that there is a deforestation problem in major forests across the globe. What used to be lush vegetation now has become barren land in many places. Although tree-planting efforts have been made, these trees are still quite young, and it isn't right to cut them off right away.

By using refurbished wood, you’re helping the environment, such that you aren't purchasing new wood anymore. There are many design ideas, from small crafts to an entire room you can build, out of refurbished or scrap wood.

If you know anyone who’s selling off his or her piece of land, with an old home on it, perhaps you can bargain for the price of the wood. With expert workers, you can break it all down and re-use this wood for your new construction. Why buy new, when you can recycle and use older wood, which would've otherwise just been left neglected.

3. It Often Costs Cheaper

No matter the age and time, wood accents on a house are always a classic. But, there’s also no denying the fact that not every homeowner can afford a whole wall of hardwood. It’s costly, nowadays.

To achieve this look, but still be friendly on the budget, many contractors have offered using refurbished wood instead. This is now a trend in the industry, particularly for contractors and architects who have access to refurbished, or reclaimed wood. Many contractors are selling this as well, such as this option of reclaimed wood mn - manomin resawn timbers.

Because most of these refurbished pieces of wood come from houses that have been left alone, the owners can sometimes be generous enough to sell the wood for a reasonable price. You can rely on the amount to be cheaper than buying new wood from hardware shops.

4. It Gives Your Home A Piece Of History

How often is it that you can say that the wood coming from your home came from a century-old house? No, that’s very rare. Many wood products and wood sources from decades ago are non-existent because of scarcity. This is often the case why many contractors have also been noted commenting that the wood sources from centuries back are still of better quality than today's wood, because of high-quality sources.

As you attach these refurbished pieces of wood to your home, you’re also giving your home a part of history. You have a story to tell to your visitors. Plus, this will also make your home feel more special. Did the pieces of wood you used for your deck come from your late grandparents' old house? That's already like having a sentimental inheritance right on your home.

5. It Helps The Ecosystem

Yes, helping out the ecosystem is also possible through using refurbished wood. Don’t forget that for the natural ecosystem to thrive at its best, you should also do your part in preserving, and not disrupting its natural cycle.

When you choose to go for refurbished wood, this means that you’re no longer purchasing new wood. With lesser demand for new wood, you can preserve more trees. This positive change doesn't only affect the environment, but it also helps the natural ecosystem around the forest areas.

Many woodland animals rely on wood for their food. They feed and live on trees. Without trees, then they’ll cease to grow, and soon enough, they might go extinct, too. For example:

● Squirrels eat acorns
● Many insects eat tree barks
● Birds need trees to build their nests


With this list, it’s easy to see that the benefits of using refurbished wood are indeed widespread. From environmental to aesthetic, and even to quality, you can rely on the advantages that restored wood has to offer. With the clamor to strive for more sustainable ways of living, you can make no mistake with choosing to go for refurbished wood.



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