Crafty ideas using scrap wood and offcuts

With so many projects under the belt, it's not difficult to accumulate quite a stockpile of timber and board offcuts. Rather than throw these away, use them for creative home decor. Here are some inspiring home decor projects that use timber and board offcuts


pepper design

Clutter contained
Kids always need storage and here's a way to use pine off cuts to create fun storage shelves for a childrens bedroom. Click here for the step-by-step instructions.

Clutter unleashed
What better way to make use of timber off cuts than to cut them in various shapes and sizes for play. Children love to make and build, and wooden blocks are a safe, natural material for child's play.

Heart Hanger
You don't need a special occasion to make this heart hanger, just a couple of branches, a board cut to heart shape, some hessian or fabric and a glue gun. Finish off with a fabric bow fastened to the back of the heart and mount on a wall or door.

The Crafty Sisters always come up with wonderful projects and this one is no exception.



Folksy Flower Arrangements
Everyone needs a touch of folk art in their life to add a spot of joy to a dreary mantel or table. Folk art has been around for centuries as a form of home decor. All you need to create your own folk art decor is some scraps of pine, paint and an afternoon or evening of craft therapy.

This project by Under My Umbrella shows how easy a few scraps create a beautiful arrangement for little or no cost.

Craft Time
Where do all the ideas come from? Who would have thought that something so simple could be so beautiful. Over at Off Cut Studio they make use of timber offcuts to create a range of unusual decor accessories that you can't buy in stores.
With so many school leavers unemployed, this is the perfect time (excuse the pun!) to home skills and become a crafty entrepreneur.

Good clean fun
Mom's know that kids love to leave the soap all soggy, so here's a great way to keep soap soggy-free. These soap blocks can easily be made from offcut blocks of saligna or meranti, or other hardwood if you have. I found this item on folksy.

Block shelf
This award-winning design from designer Amy Hunting is a bookshelf that uses blocks of timber off cuts and rope. Using what others would throw out, this simple design shows how a little imagination can not only cost nothing to make, it could also become a design icon. Using a fisherman's knot , you can pull the strings and the shelf will disassemble and easily put together again.

Chip off the old block
I have been following Centsational Girl for a couple of years and she always comes up with great ideas. Love this project that uses scrap blocks of timber to make cutting boards. Make thick boards that can be sanded regularly to keep free of scratches and protect with mineral oil.

Going round in circles
Still one of my favourite projects for using off cuts. You can design lamp bases in so man different ways. Not just a housewife has taken supawood offcuts and cut them into circular shapes for her lamp base. You don't have to cut circles, you can cut any shape you like.

Storage shelves
Everyone needs storage space, and what better way to make use of off cuts than to knock up some shelves. If you are handy with a jigsaw, you can create decorative brackets for your shelves. Use a fretsaw (thinner blade) to be able to cut out detailed areas. Hopefully, some of these ideas have inspired you to be creative with timber and board offcuts and put them to use rather than throw away. Happy crafting!