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Make bookshelves for a child's bedroom

Children need plenty of storage space and this great idea from Pepper Design allows you to incorporate storage into design. The tree mural is a wonderful way to add fun shelves that children will enjoy. Although these shelves are designed to be at grown-up height, you can design your tree mural with lower branches for more shelves.


What a fun way to have storage in a children's bedroom. The wall shelves become part of the tree mural and discreetly contain clutter that is normally left lying around.

I came across this idea while researching for ways to use timber and board off cuts, and this is a great project to make use of any pine or supawood off cuts you have lying around.





Although these shelves are fastened onto the wall with dowels - dowels in the back of the shelf fit into holes drilled into the wall - I would recommend using small keyhole brackets on the shelf back and mounting these onto screws inserted into nylon wall plugs in the wall, especially if you are placing shelves lower for children to use.


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