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Home Improvement Projects: DIY or Hire?

While there are many projects in your home that you can DIY to make your budget stretch, some are safer and more functional (and sometimes more affordable) when you hire someone to do it instead.


When it comes to making home improvements, the most important aspect of your home should be safety, functionality, and affordability. Some people prefer to focus on the affordability aspect while making changes in their homes, so they try to do a lot of work themselves. While there are many projects in your home that you can do yourself to make your budget stretch, some things are safer and more functional (and sometimes more affordable) when you hire someone to do it instead.


As with most things water, it’s best to leave things to the professionals. Sure, you can probably replace fixtures or caulk a tub, but if you are going to add a new toilet, replace pipes, or replace/fix your water heater, leave it to a professional. If something goes wrong while you try it yourself, you risk paying more for damages and replacements later—and do you want your newly redone home flooded?


Electrical home projects are risky…but there are some things you can do on your own, like replacing a light switch or an outlet. Companies like Electrical Wholesale Supply Co., Inc., can help you buy the proper electrical supplies. Just make sure that when you do mess with any wiring or electrical supplies, you turn off the power to avoid getting shocked. However, for larger fixes like repairing the electrical panel or rewiring, call an expert. You don’t want to overload your power and cause popped breakers, sparking outlets, and costly repairs down the road. Instead, save yourself the hassle and have it done right the first time. Plus, by hiring a certified electrician, they will have the necessary permits to modify electrical work in your home—which is also necessary for passing a home inspection after a renovation.


If you have a leak in your roof, you probably think the fix will be easy and quick, but you’d be mistaken; it’s not a matter of simply putting on some new shingles in the problem area. Your roof is what keeps you protected, so it should last through the seasons. Doing roof work yourself may result in shingles falling apart or gutters becoming clogged through poor work. Instead of risking poor workmanship that might end up doing more damage to your home, hire a licensed roofer who knows what they are doing and can do it safely.

Removing Walls

It seems that in every popular home-renovation show, walls are being knocked down left and right to make an open floor plan. Open floor plans are enticing for many because they make the home look and feel more spacious. However, you shouldn’t go about knocking down walls on a whim because you never know which ones are load-bearing. Damaging a load-bearing wall could have serious consequences, not only for your home but also for you as it risks a ceiling collapse that could cause serious injuries. If you insist on doing demolition, talk to a contractor first to confirm which walls are and are not load-bearing.

There is a lot of cosmetic work around your home that you can do yourself, like creating sanding/painting/staining cabinets, making a pallet wall, or adding window trim. But for larger projects where you might mess up and risk paying more for it later, go with the safe route and hire a professional.



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