Installing new handles and lock on interior doors

To tie in with replacing all the old hollow core doors with new modern doors, it was also necessary to add new hardware with modern door handles and locks.


In a recent feature I explained how I was removing all my old hollow core interior doors and replacing this with more modern doors. As part of this project, it was necessary to install a new lock and door handles. I hunted high and low for the perfect handles for the new doors, and while I didn't find exactly what I wanted, I found a close substitute at Gelmar.

Once fitted, I am actually very glad that I fitted this model of handles. Not only does it look far better than the original builder's-grade handles, it is also much easier and smoother to open and close the door. Seems silly to say that, but the old handles were a bit sticky and didn't offer smooth operation while the new handles most definitely do.


New handle of your choice

New door lock

Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Spade bit, 25mm


Wood chisel

Hacksaw or Dremel Multitool and cutting disk

Tape measure and pencil


1. Having taken measurements from the old door, these were transferred onto the new door to cut out for the lock block. If you start with a spade bit to remove most of the material, it is then easier to finish off the edges with a hammer and sharp wood chisel.

GOOD TO KNOW: Check the width of the new lock to determine the size of spade bit to use for removing material from the lock block.

2. Use the new door lock to mark the position for drilling out for the new handle spindle and keyhole.

3. Use a 25mm spade bit to drill holes for both the handle spindle and keyhole.



GOOD TO KNOW: The bolts supplied with this handle set can be cut to fit.

4. Use a hacksaw or Dremel Multitool and cutting disk to trim the bolts to length to fit.

5. Securely fasten the handle assembly onto the lock block.

6. Push the handle cover up and over the handle to clip in place. This covers up  the screws to finish off the handle installation.



GOOD TO KNOW: On the handle you will notice a small screw. The handle kit also includes a small allen key. Tighten the handle onto the lock spindle.

7. Now you can check that the lock is tightly screwed in place and can mount the door into the door frame. 



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