Avoid These Home Design Mistakes When Renovating Your House

To help plan with your renovation project, here are some of the home design mistakes to avoid.





Planning a home renovation isn’t as easy as what you see on TV. A renovation project can be a challenge for many homeowners, especially if it’s their first time. For one, it can be easy to commit expensive mistakes.

A renovation project is a grueling process that involves balancing out several factors, such as the budget, personal style, aspiration, and future needs simultaneously. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all option, there are ways to move through the process in a hassle-free manner.

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Still, to help plan with your renovation project, here are some of the home design mistakes to avoid:


Buying Cheap Materials

While pondering on your home renovation project’s budget, always remember not to settle for mediocre or cheap materials. Although it can be enticing to cut corners and go for less expensive materials, it’s not always the best option to take. Instead, it would be best to take on a strategic outlook on the elements to cut down or replace with cheaper alternatives.

In case you’re trying to minimize the costs, try cutting items that won't impact the overall design of your home and those that you can easily add in the future, such as cabinet hardware or a kitchen backsplash. Avoid cutting on costs on elements that provide the most staying power, such as hardwood flooring or superior-quality cabinetry.


Stick With The Timeless Elements

Many homeowners are likely to dive head-on into the latest home décor trends since they look good. Sadly, it’s a common home design mistake that you should avoid. The question you should ask yourself is whether these elements are timeless for years to come.

If you decide to go for what’s trendy, take note that the main elements, such as wooden flooring, kitchen cabinets, non-painted walls, and other hard surfaces, should be products that won’t go out of style next year or several years after.


Ignoring The Natural Style Of Your House

If you plan a renovation project for your home, do note that you can readily create any look that you want. However, unless you’re going to change your house's natural architecture, make sure that the new style you want seamlessly blends in with your home’s current theme.


Skipping On The Measure Twice Rule

If you want to paint the wall or order hardwood flooring, make sure that you’ll always measure the space at least twice. Remember that it’s vital for custom products or those that require a minimum order to avoid set-up fees for small orders.
When ordering flooring, you should also consider the suitable cutting allowance, which is based on the quality and type of flooring you want to purchase.



Underestimating The Home Renovation Budget

There are two vital factors when deciding on the overall budget for your renovation project–the room you want to remodel and your home's overall value. It’s important to note that you want to invest in a renovation that’ll boost your home's value but not increase it significantly that it no longer fits with the value of your neighborhood. You can work with a professional to help set up the budget.

Make sure that you’ll include the crucial elements and will provide the most value to your home. A good example is selecting suitable cabinets and wooden floors, which offer a long-term value. The sink and cabinet hardware can go down your list of priorities since you can easily update them in the future.


Avoiding Green Products

In the previous years, green products can be costly options in which homeowners prefer to set aside. Today, green building products are gaining popularity and are now available at various price points, making them more accessible.

Using green building products is the best way to lessen your eco-footprint while also reducing the costs of running your house. For instance, water collection systems and preservation can decrease water consumption in the long run. Solar energy can lessen electricity usage, and you might get paid for the solar power you’re producing. Additionally, eco-friendly insulation can efficiently keep your house at the right temperature, depending on where you live.


Choosing Incorrect Architectural Elements

One of the common home design mistakes during renovations is selecting the wrong architectural elements, specifically the doors, windows, and flooring. These elements aren’t easy to replace, so it’s crucial to invest in quality.

When choosing windows, you should go for superior-quality styles that work best for your house's interior and exterior design. The windows must work seamlessly with the natural lighting of the property while offering easy accessibility and function.

When selecting the doors, it’s best to go for designs that offer function and beauty at the same time in any space. The doors should be spacious enough to accommodate multiple people, especially for the main entry. Similar to the windows, make sure that you’ll choose models that are sturdy and efficient.

As for the flooring, you must consider the environment and what it’ll face. The tile or slate flooring options might work best for the laundry room, but hardwood flooring is suitable for common areas or the kitchen since it’s easy to clean and maintain throughout the years.


Poor Space Planning

During a home renovation project, space planning is crucial in defining the room and furniture layout to get the most out of the area. In most cases, it can be a simple process where you consider the size and location of your kitchen island. The process can also be complex, especially when planning an entire layout for an open floor plan.


Insisting On Granite Countertops

Although granite countertops are quite popular these days, it isn’t the only option for the kitchen. If you select a different material for the kitchen countertops, it can help save money during your renovation project. Other suitable options include plate steel, butcher block, or even laminate.

Recently, laminate is gaining popularity in the market. Even though laminate is less durable than a solid counter, it has various options that provide a similar appearance to natural granite.



During a home renovation project, proper planning is essential to achieve the best possible outcome. Along with the objectives you have in mind, you should also avoid these home design mistakes during the renovation process. Avoiding these common mistakes is beneficial on your part since it saves you from the hassle and costs down the road.





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