7 Easy Ways To Save Energy In Your Home

Here are seven ways you can do to keep the energy bill low


Although we’re living in an age with unparalleled levels of comfort, it’s starting to get more and more difficult to maintain it, particularly when it comes to energy costs. But high energy bills don’t have to be common for you anymore. With the right know-how, it’s more than easy to keep things running without worrying about that dreaded monthly receipt.

For example, did you know that if you place appliances near the air conditioner, this causes the air conditioner to run longer than normal? This is because the thermostat collects the extra heat from the appliances. It is also helpful to use compact fluorescent light bulbs rather than the traditional incandescent ones. CFL bulbs also last longer. These may seem like small changes to some, but these things add up, allowing you to not sacrifice much, but still maintain the lifestyle you so love.

Here are seven ways you can do to keep the energy bill low:

1. Change Thermostat Temperature

If you set your thermostat below 78 degrees, you use up more energy to cool your home. Set it on at least 78 degrees. The newer models of thermostats allow you to set the temperature at a certain number so that it will feel cool enough when you return home during the day. In addition, these thermostats can also be programmed through phone apps.

2. Have Your Air Conditioner Checked

Sometimes your air conditioner needs to be checked and even repaired depending on the problems. Companies that offer AS Aircon services will be able to check your air conditioner for potential problems that cost you hundreds on your energy bill. The air conditioner might have leaks or it could need new filters. You want to have the air conditioner serviced before summer starts.

3. Find Alternate Cooling Methods

It is possible to save energy by looking for creative ways to cool off. One of the best ways to do this is to drink plenty of cold water. This hydrates the body and it is healthier than sodas. Another thing you can do is install fans in each room of the house. Fans work well because they transfer air throughout the room rather than focus the air on a certain location.

4. Prepare No-Cook Meals

The summer heat is bad enough. Don’t make it worse by having the stove or oven on for hours. Save money on your energy bill by preparing no-cook meals during the day. Some meal ideas include ham and turkey salad, salmon sandwiches using canned salmon, blender cream soups, white bean hummus with whole grain crackers and overnight oats with added fruits.

5. Don’t Take Long Hot Showers

Yes showers are wonderful, but excess hot water usage eats up your energy bill. It is better to take short showers with cold or slightly warm water. If you didn’t get too dirty during the day, it is best not to take two showers in one day as this uses too much energy.

6. Keep the Laundry in Check

You want to wait until you have at least one or two full loads of laundry before you wash. This is to prevent washing clothes too many times within the week. Clean your lint filters regularly because excess lint causes the machine to worker harder than normal. If you have a small load of clothes, air dry them outside.

7. Unplug Your Way to Savings

Is it really necessary to keep your TV or computer going for hours during the day? During the day it is a good idea to unplug devices and other appliances that are not in use. And after bedtime, unplug your main devices. You’ll save money and sleep better too.

With these tips you can save hundreds on your energy bill. Summer is one of the best times to get creative with different activities so some screen-free fun saves you money. Some ideas include swimming, visiting the library, dancing in the yard, or having a picnic in the park. Most importantly, make sure your kids understand the importance of saving energy at home. One day, they’ll thank you for it.



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