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How to Repair Damaged Wood and Treat Wood Rot

Where wood is not properly treated wood rot will eventually occur. Lack of protection allows moisture ingress that leads to a fungal infestation that destroys the wood fibres and causes eventual disintegration. Early treatment is essential, especially on window and door frames.



We have looked at how to repair wood furniture that has been damaged, chipped or chewed, but in this feature we look at repairing wood damaged by rot or insects. Although the repair procedure is exactly the same and you will also use an epoxy putty, preparation is important. It is important to treat wood rot as soon as possible, as once the fungus appears it quickly starts to multiply.



Before application of epoxy putty you need to ensure that any rotten or badly damaged timber is removed. You can use a wood chisel and hammer to remove large areas of damaged wood and then clean this out thoroughly with a wire brush to remove any remaining loose timber.



Woodoc Wood Reviver removes mould and mildew, as well as assisting in the removal or rotten wood fibres. For extreme damage the product is best applied undiluted with a stiff brush or varnish paintbrush. As a precaution, tape off any metal or painted surfaces to protect from damage, and only use plastic containers. Where damage extends into exterior timber, this product can be used in a spray bottle for easier application.





Timber needs to be completely saturated and then left for approximately 5 minutes, so that the product is absorbed. Have a spray bottle of clean water on hand, so that you can scrub and rinse the area at the same time. Always brush in the direction of the wood grain and rinse thoroughly to clean out the area.

Allow the damaged area to dry out completely before applying epoxy putty (Alcolin QuikWood).


If you need to repair a rotten window sill, use the same technique as above to prepare the wood before applying epoxy putty. It is important to remember that you need to sand the putty before it sets completely hard, so only leave for about an hour before sanding.

To prevent any further occurrence of wood rot, treat all wood with a preventative treatment, such as penetrating wax, sealer or varnish, and ensure adequate ventilation and water run-off.

Buy all the supplies and materials needed to treat and repair damaged wood at your local Builders Warehouse.