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Make Safety Glasses or Face Shield from Plastic Bottles

Originally featured on Instructables, here's a great way to recycle plastic bottles into a safety shield or safety glasses.


At this moment in time, everyone has serious concerns about the Coronavirus and how it is spread through the population. Experts agree that wearing a mask protects you from germs around you, but there still exists the possibility that someone close to you will cough or sneeze and the virus will enter your body via the eyes. That's why health specialists in close contact with the virus can be seen wearing full-face covers.

In this project that I have revived from quite a few years back, you can make your own face shield or safety goggles by recycling plastic cold drink bottles you probably already have in your home.









1. Remove the label and then use a sharp craft knife to cut off the top and bottom of the bottle. Put the top and bottom aside for now, as there are plenty of ways to reuse these in our recycled craft section.







2. Carefully cut down the middle of the bottle in order to make a sheet of plastic.



3. Wrap the sheet around your or someone else’s face, and use a marker to outline and design your mask.








4. Cut a small slit at each corner of the mask about 1 cm down from the top edge.

5. Weave each end of a thick elastic band through the slits - going out of the inner slit to the front side, then back in through the outer slit. Adjust your mask, and it’s ready to wear.