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The Homeowners Essential Toolbox

When you own your own home, a toolkit is essential to perform everyday maintenance and repairs in and around the property.






When you take on the responsibility of a home of your own, you also take on the responsibility of any home repairs, DIY emergencies and periodic home maintenance. It is a lot of work done without zero remuneration, but the outcome is the satisfaction that you know the property is in tip-top condition and can handle anything that may occur in the future.

Another reason for being responsible for any home repairs or home maintenance is the ability to cut costs. If it's a job you can easily do-it-yourself - good for you. But it helps to know your limits when it comes to tasks and when you need to call in a professional.

There are plenty of tools you need to have in your Homeowners Toolbox, and we put together a list of the essentials:









1. Toolbox or Toolkit

This can be a fabric bag, a wooden box or anything else that lets you store all your tools in one place and is handy for carrying from job to job.


2. Claw Hammer

A claw hammer serves two purposes; on one side of the head, you have the hammer and on the other side you have the claw. The claw side is ideal for removing nails and brads.



A worthwhile investment, the WORX Screwdriver Pen Kit includes a selection of the most common screwdriver bits and can be found at select hardware stores countrywide, or get in touch with





3. Ratchet Screwdriver or Multi-Bit Cordless Screwdriver

Forget about hunting high and low for the right screwdriver. A screwdriver that comes with a selection of all the screwdriver bits you will ever need is far more appropriate than a set of screwdrivers. With a ratchet screwdriver or multi-bit cordless screwdriver, the tool does all the work for you.







4. Set of Wrenches

You never know when you will need to untighten a bolt and nut or remove a pipe joint, or even remove the filter on your taps to clean them out. Having a decent set of wrenches that includes a monkey wrench and pipe wrench will ensure you are well prepared.


5. Set of Pliers

Every home should have a set of pliers that consists of a long nose and needle pliers that let you get into those hard-to-reach spaces that are too tight for a wrench.

6. Spirit Level

Whether you are hanging it, mounting it or building it, everything needs to be straight and level. Can't do this without a spirit level.


7. Selection of Tapes

There are all types of tapes that are used in and around the home, the most common being electrical tape, plumber's tape and duct tape. With a roll of these 3 tapes in your toolbox, you are ready for anything.



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8. Tape Measure or Laser Measure

Splurge on the best tape measure you can afford in the longest length available. A better-quality tape measure will give you accurate results while a laser measure can be used almost anywhere for accurate measuring.







9. Torch or Emergency Flashlight

An emergency can occur at any time during the day or night, so it is best to be prepared for any occasion. Nothing worse than discovering you have a burst pipe and need to go outside to switch the main stopcock off!


10. Safety Gear

Not to miss out on the most important items that should be in every toolbox, having the right safety gear is essential, whether it's safety glasses, thick gloves or dust masks. Not every job requires you to wear safety gear, but more than a few do. Visit our DIY Tips section for advice on a variety of DIY tips and tricks.






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