How To Buy And Replace Your Carbon Brushes

Learn what carbon brushes are, what they are used for and when to replace them.





In this era of do-it-yourself (DIY), most homeowners have several power tools used to tackle different projects. However, your power tools may start to act up over time due to continued use.



Although a power tool has several working parts, the carbon brush is one of the most common parts to check when it starts to act up. This part plays a huge role in maintaining the performance of your power tool. Thus, you'll notice a major performance decline if it has worn out. The good news is that carbon brushes are replaceable.



This blog discusses what you need to know about carbon brushes. You'll learn what carbon brushes are, when to replace them, and more. Keep reading.







What Are Carbon Brushes?

A carbon brush is a tiny but important feature of most power tools, facilitating the flow of electrical current between the rotating and stationary wires within the tools' motor. Carbon brushes are designed to handle and manage lots of energy, preventing damage to the crucial parts of your power tools. Due to this, they’re bound to wear down over time. This may decline the overall performance and expose the motor parts to friction and other issues.



Where To Buy Replacement Carbon Brushes

As mentioned above, carbon brushes can wear out over time; thus, you'll be required to replace them to ensure your power tools maintain optimal performance. Over the years, many vendors have distributed carbon brushes in different sizes and types. Due to this, it can be challenging to get the right carbon brush for your needs. Reputable online stores like Top Deals Online are a good place to go for buying replacement carbon brushes.



It's crucial, however, that you conduct enough background checks to gauge the vendor's reputation. You can achieve this by going through testimonials. If a vendor has many negative reviews, refrain from purchasing from that store, as you'll most likely have the same experience. Besides this, check whether they're accredited to distribute carbon brushes. A certified store is more likely to deliver quality products at pocket-friendly prices, giving you value for your money.





How To Know It Is Time To Replace Your Carbon Brushes

Sometimes, deciding whether to replace your carbon brushes might be challenging. However, you can look for the following telltale signs to decide whether or not to replace them.



  • Reduced performance – As discussed above, carbon brushes' major role is handling lots of energy, ensuring your motor maintains optimal performance. When the carbon brushes wear out, you’ll notice a decline in the overall performance. Sometimes, you might be forced to shake the tool to get it going.
  • Burning smell – This is another noticeable sign you need to replace your carbon brushes. When they’re damaged, friction between moving parts will lead to a burning smell. Failure to replace the carbon brushes at this stage may destroy crucial components of your power tools, forcing you to incur more costs in the long run.
  • Visible damage – Inspecting your carbon brushes may indicate whether you need to replace them. Some common physical damage you can notice includes discoloration, crumbles, and breakage. These will not only affect performance but also damage essential parts, which are expensive to replace.
  • It's advisable to first switch off your power tool before inspecting it. If you aren't conversant with tool components, consider contacting an expert to inspect the carbon brushes and advise on whether you need to replace them.
  • Sparking – Although sparking is common in power tools, its tendency increases as the carbon brush wears down. If you notice this, it might be your clue you need to replace your carbon brushes.







How To Replace Carbon Brushes

The process of replacing carbon brushes will vary from one brushed device to another. For this reason, it's important to go through the provided manual or instructions when replacing the damaged carbon brushes. Also, it would be best if you were extra cautious to avoid destroying other components of your tools, which can force you to incur more costs in the long run.
It's more recommended, however, to hire an expert with the necessary skills and tools to replace carbon brushes. This ensures you have a working tool in no time and saves you from damaging your tool further.



In Summary

Most homeowners have several power tools. Due to continued use, their crucial components, such as carbon brushes, may wear out, forcing you to replace them. For this reason, you must understand when, where, and how to replace your carbon brushes to ensure optimal performance.






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