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Quick Fixes You Can Do Around the Home

Nowadays there are plenty of products for quick fixes around the home, you just have to have the right product for the job on hand.



Whether you are fixing or restoring wooden furniture or repairing broken items, nowadays there is a product that you can use to make the job easier and long-lasting. It's all about knowing what's out there and what you can use for the repair you need to do.

Masking Tape or Painter's Tape

While other countries around the world have a masking tape that sticks, we are stuck with a masking tape that has very little tack. I have often wrapped around fittings with masking tape, only for it to fall off before I have even started painting. That can be a problem if you have gone to the trouble of masking everything off as part of your painting project. For a successful painting job, whether by hand, brush, or by paint sprayer is to use painter's tape to mask off items or fittings. Painter's tape has far more tack and won't come loose as you work. It also won't stick to the painted finish when you need to remove.







Painter's tape is a blue tape that sticks firmly and can be curved or wrapped around objects easily, making it the ideal masking-off tape for where you're not applying paint.



Touch Up Scratches in Wood Furniture

Wood furniture can easily be damaged with scratches and there is a very easy solution for a quick fix. Stain marker pens are available at select hardware stores that stock Liberon products and can be purchased in a variety of wood tints. Choose a tint as close as possible to the finish on your damaged furniture and simply apply the stain marker to the damaged area. Once the damage is disguised, apply a wax polish to protect the finish.

Repair Dents, Dings and Patch Up Wood

Epoxy putty for wood is ideal for fixing up dents, dings and for quick fix patching repairs. You can use it on any type of wood or timber and it bonds to the wood and sets hard. Easy to use, epoxy putty is just the thing for any interior or exterior repairs and, once hard, the putty can be sanded. I have also managed to tint the epoxy putty to match an existing stain or finish, with excellent results.

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Unlike conventional wood fillers, epoxy putty sets hard to give you better results. When using epoxy wood, be sure to do any shaping or sanding before the epoxy sets hard - usually within 60 minutes.

Fill Holes and Hide Screws

If you need to fill in holes in wood or disguise screw head you can use wood glue and sawdust to make your own wood filler. What makes this quick tip even more valuable is that you can fill holes with the sawdust from leftover scraps and this can be stained to blend in perfectly with your choice of finish. Wood filler, on the other hand, does not soak up stain and holes are always visible.







Fill or Seal Gaps around Wooden Window or Door Frames

When you need to fill gaps around wooden window frames or door frames, skirting boards, joints between floors, you need to use a flexible sealer that expands and contracts with the natural movement of the wood. Alcolin Woodmate or Flexible Wood Sealant is an acrylic sealer that comes in a variety of wood tints that can be used to fill in gaps. Plus, you can select a wood tint that matches the existing finish of the wood frame. 

Fill Hairline Cracks in Walls

Every home, new or not, suffers from hairline cracks; cracks around window and door frames and cracks in corners. Crack filler is an easy fix for these types of cracks and now you can buy a crack filler that can be used both indoors and outdoors, saving you money on having to buy either interior or exterior.

Crack filler is also handy when you need to fill in holes in walls, especially where you have hammered in nails to mount pictures. The landlord won't appreciate your leaving behind walls full of holes, so be sure to fill these in before you move out!

There's a right way and a wrong way to fix hairline or larger cracks, so be sure to do it right the first time.

Quick Fix Roof Repair

When you need an urgent quick fix for a leaky roof on your home, garage, carport or Wendy, aluminium roofing tape can be applied to prevent damage by leaks. This self-adhesive tape sticks to metal sheeting and prevents water ingress that might damage your home or possessions. No special training required to apply the tape - simply cut to length and stick over the damaged area.

If you don't find the product repair solution you need, take a walk through your local Builders store to find more information. I have found that, while not everyone is as helpful as they should be, there's always at least one person available to offer advice and product solutions.



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